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Jobs on the rise: six career paths with a good outlook

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Despite skills, interests, and talents, many of us are on the lookout for careers that can provide a stable income with a promising outlook. After all, you don’t want to spend your time and money training for a particular field if jobs are scarce, or even non-existent. If you are looking for a field with a promising job outlook, read on for a few suggestions:

Industrial-organisational psychologists

Employment for industrial-organisational psychologists is predicted to increase by 53.4 percent. These mental health professionals use psychological principles in business environments: a trend that is quickly gaining traction in the business world. These professionals can provide insights into consumer behavior, employee tendencies, and many more interesting psychological attributes that influence business.

Information security analysts

Information security analysts protect computer networks, primarily in business settings. As you can imagine, information security is becoming more and more important as hackers and malicious individuals get increasingly smarter and more creative. A security analyst comes up with security procedures, installs security software, and creates security standards. Employment is expected to increase by 36.5 percent.

Physical therapists

When patients need to restore movement ability due to accident or illness, they turn to physical therapists for help. These health professionals are predicted to enjoy job growth of 36 percent. The growth for this industry is so promising mainly due to the ageing of the baby boomer generation. As this generation ages, there will need to be a lot more physical therapy specialists to meet the high demand of ageing individuals.

Brickmasons and blockmasons

If you are more of a hands-on or skilled worker, the growth of this field might surprise you, but it should also interest you. With job increases projected at 35.5 percent, brickmasons and blockmasons create structures, such as walls, walkways, and fences, out of bricks, concrete blocks, and stones. They may learn their skills on the job, in mason program at technical schools that last one or two years, or through a three- or four-year apprenticeship.

Dental assistants

Jobs for dental assistants are predicted to grow by 25 percent. According to professionals at dental assistant schools in Utah, assistants are in charge of a wide range of duties including sterilising and laying out dental instruments, scheduling patients, keeping track of records, and even working on insurance claims.

Event planners

Being a professional party planner is a career that interests many people – particularly those who are creative, outgoing, and organised. Event planners organise and coordinate the details of conventions, meetings, and professional events for corporations, hotels, convention centers, or individuals. They are predicted to have job growth of 33.2 percent.

While you might be worried about your future job prospects, there is information available to help you find a career that offers a higher level of stability in the future. If you stay ahead of the game, you can enter a field just as it experiences growth or gains popularity, and get in on the ground floor.

Do you know of any more career paths with a good outlook? Let us know in the comments below.

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Dixie SomersJobs on the rise: six career paths with a good outlook

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