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Not just decorations: six careers for those with a design degree

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Some might think that getting a degree in design will automatically pigeon-hole a student into the career of an interior designer. However, there are plenty of lucrative positions that can be obtained with a design degree. Keep reading to learn about a few design careers that provide constant stimulation alongside a rewarding paycheck.

Art director

The advertising industry revolves around aesthetic graphic design initiatives, and being an art director allows for endless expression. All media requires an astutely organised visual presentation to cultivate maximum awareness among audiences. Job responsibilities include conducting brainstorming sessions, formulating impacting messaging campaigns and solidifying all elements into cohesion.

Film editor

A keen eye in the design field can quickly translate to the world of movie-making. People in the editing room are tasked with maintaining a smooth visual flow throughout the entire piece without sacrificing crucial plot details. They also help synchronise the dialogue and musical scores.

Fashion designer

Clothing is a primary outlet for modern communication, and the public is constantly looking for original styles. Fashion evolves faster than any other cultural trend, which means occupations are constantly popping up for talented designers with a passion for fashion.

Creative software development

Designers with a technical edge can revolutionise the field by delving into digital designs. The best design software is created by artists that recognise shortcomings within current interfaces. When programming skills come naturally, pursuing a career as a creative software developer will not only allow you to express your creativity, but improve the user experience as well.

Museum curator

Historical exhibits must be aesthetically arranged to attract intrigue from local tourists; otherwise, funding may be hard to acquire. Luckily, a design background enables a person to tackle the entire spectrum of challenges that modern museums face. The ability to assemble an intriguing display will keep the operation running smoothly. Those with a masters in sustainable design will find themselves on the path to becoming a successful curator.

Tattoo artist

While you might think this is a simple job, it requires perfection and serious creativity, which is why a design degree is helpful when breaking into the industry. Inking occupations provide a stable method for design students to thrive independently. Interpersonal skills are a definite plus, but those with squeamish dispositions may want to look elsewhere.

Design jobs offer limitless creativity and vast potential, which means that the field is far from being strictly limited to d├ęcor. All it takes to find monetary gains in this niche trade is an open mind and a fresh approach.

What other careers can you think of for those taking a design degree? Let us know in the comments below.

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Dixie SomersNot just decorations: six careers for those with a design degree

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