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Learning online – the best way forward

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Learning online isn’t new, but it is one of the most popular ways to upskill yourself. And learning online comes with some huge perks too. It has reshaped the workforce, and enable people in any situation to gain excellent skills, and either progress in their career or head back out into the world of work full stop.

Here are just a few of the reasons that learning online has become so popular in recent years, and can often be better than traditional brick and mortar based learning.


There is no limit to what you are able to learn, thanks to the Internet. You can take a short free and simple course like learning to make acrylic paintings or jewellery making. Or you can opt for something technical, and she was coding, technology, or accredited MBA degree programs.

Almost all large and prominent institutions now have courses online. And it is the same amazing tutors that put the work together. You have the ability to watch, and then rewatch classes, and you can take your time putting your work together and learning. Of course, there will still be deadlines.


Well, some people do enjoy having coffee, the hustle and bustle of commuters and train journeys. Or use a lot of petrol getting to and from campus. That can cost a lot of money, and be quite uncomfortable.

One of the most delicious things about learning online is that you can do it anywhere, and where anything. If you are partial to wearing big fluffy socks and baggy jumpers for comfort, that is how you can get your degree, when you learn from home. 

There are a few degrees that will require you to go to certain locations for some exams. Most of those are science-based. But for around 95% of online courses, you can kick back and relax on your couch while absorbing all of the essential information.

Looks Good

It used to be that online learning wasn’t as valued as heading to campus. However, it is now seen as a really positive thing. You have chosen to use your time to increase your knowledge in specific subjects. This shows that you are dedicated to your work and your learning process. And not only can you take a degree that is focused on your career, but you can bolster that learning by watching webinars, taking smaller courses, and learning about topics that surround your career path.


Learning online is one of the most cost-effective ways to get a degree. The cost of traditional courses versus the cost of online courses is just a single factor involved in most people’s choice. 

The cost of the one thing, but on top of that you need things like lunch, commute costs, buying much of the materials required, coffees and more. All of these costs add up very quickly. And while there are bursaries and loans, they can help you towards this the majority of students will have to work extra jobs to cover the cost.

There are perks to learning online or learning in the classroom. After all, learning, in general, is very good for us. Not just to expand our skills within our careers but to keep the brain ticking over in the most healthy way possible. 

So it’s time you find something to learn online.

Have you completed a course online? Let us know how you found it in the comments below.

Career CamelLearning online – the best way forward

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