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Lessons of success from Latina celebrity entrepreneurs

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It’s no secret that women are often underestimated in the workplace. This has ignited fires under some of today’s most successful businesswomen and entrepreneurs. These women don’t wait for doors to be opened for them, they knock down doors to reach the potential they know they possess.

In the world of powerful Latina women, entrepreneurs include Jessica Alba and Sofia Vergara. Both these women offer unique insights to their industries and serve as role models for young women across the globe. These two women and eight others share advice in Hola’s lessons of success from Latina entrepreneurs and businesswomen.

Jessica Alba is the co-founder and chairperson for The Honest Company, a company that creates eco-friendly baby products that work. Alba created this brand when she was struggling to find natural products for her baby. By finding a solution to her own problem, Alba created her unique path to success. She inspires young women to pursue their dreams, even if they have doubts or uncertainties.

Sofia Vergara, who is known for her career as an actress, is also co-founder of Latin World Entertainment. Vergara designed this talent management firm to recruit Latinx talent and strengthen her understanding of the Latinx community. Vergara said, “It’s fun to shock people with my business ideas,” and while some people may underestimate her talent, Vergara continues to lead in the entertainment industry and is proof that hard work always pays off.

As women are becoming more and more visible in many industries, their voices are being heard and their stories are being told. Latin entrepreneurs Jessica Alba and Sofia Vergara are only a fraction of the bigger picture. Everyday women in entrepreneurship are inspiring youth to stand up for equal opportunity and achieve their dreams. Today’s entrepreneurial women are shaping the world’s next leaders.

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Do you know of any other Latina celebrity entrepreneurs who are totally inspirational? Tell us in the comments below.

Career CamelLessons of success from Latina celebrity entrepreneurs

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