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How to negotiate your salary abroad

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When going through a job search process abroad, finding a job is not the only challenge. Getting a lucrative job offer is vital for any job seeker. Once you know the right way to evaluate a job offer, you successfully land into your dream job. Salary negotiation is one important thing to consider when finding a job abroad.

Salary negotiation is a tricky feat. Here are a few things to consider when negotiating an international job offer.

Understand what you are receiving

It is critical to consider what exactly you are getting in an international job location. Compare the salary you would receive in the host country and your home country. Apart from monetary benefits, consider other inclusions that make an offer valuable, such as medical insurance, retirement benefits, housing allowance, etc. For this, it is vital to compare the cost of living, tax assistance and lifestyle in any country. This makes you understand the need of negotiating the final deal.

Know the culture and values

Are you considering what the culture and values of the country have to do with salary negotiation? Why not? After all, you have to talk and negotiate with people belonging to a different culture. Therefore it is useful to research the practices they follow, their flexibility and trustworthiness. For instance, negotiation style followed in Saudi Arabia is different from the Western countries. They usually follow a holistic approach and even take longer to finalise the deal. So job seekers in Saudi Arabia should remain patient when working out a mutual agreement.

Market research

This is required to understand your worth in the market place. Given your skills, qualifications and experience, research the average salary offered in a particular job destination on reliable online portals like Payscale. This also helps you negotiate smartly and distinguish yourself from others in the race.

Be flexible

During salary negotiation, no one ever wants to be on the losing side. However, that shouldn’t mean you become too rigid to think beyond your views. Be patient and open, and listen to the viewpoints of others. Remain cooperative and maintain a friendly tone. After all, your purpose is to reach somewhere closer to the agreement.

At last, it is important to know your worth and bargain for your skills, experience and knowledge, wherever the job location is.

Good luck!

Do you have any tips on how to negotiate your salary abroad? Tell us below.

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Swati SrivastavaHow to negotiate your salary abroad

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