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Why a part-time job during sixth form will help your future

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Studying for AS or A Level exams, thinking about university, preparing personal statements, and having to do endless amounts of work; sixth form is a big transition from year 11 and might be one of the most strenuous times in your life. So many of you probably wouldn’t even consider getting a part-time job during their time at sixth form.

However, a part-time job where you’re only working ten to 12 hours a week can hugely help you in the future and will look great when applying for university and jobs later on.

On paper

When writing your CV or personal statement, universities and employers are impressed if you state that you have or have had a part-time job. It shows that you have skills that other people might not have; customer service, good communication skills, being able to work within a team, time management, and most of all, multitasking.

Employers know that it must have been hard for you to have a job and study for your A Level exams at the same time, so they will admire your busy lifestyle and it will show that you are a hardworking, determined person who can cope with doing many things at the same time.

At university

A part-time job will also prepare you for university as students also have to handle doing many things at the same time: not only do we have to study for our degrees, but taking part in societies and sports, volunteering, and of course going out and enjoying ourselves takes up a great deal of time. University students also take on part-time work to help with the costs of paying accommodation, and doing your weekly food shop. Doing all of these things show employers that you are a rounded person who can do and like to do many different things.

Your degree is not the only important thing to focus on at university, and it is the same in sixth form. Having a part-time job will demonstrate your willingness to be independent and to learn about the world of work and how it functions, as well as suggesting your confidence and openness as you meet new people and communicate with customers.

In the future

Some part-time jobs might help you with what you want to do at university, or might be relevant on your CV when looking for a full-time job in the future. Eleanor, a second-year Biology student at the University of Sheffield, worked in Boots for two years while she was at sixth form. Working with products that contain different chemicals and vitamins enabled her to learn more about them as customers would ask for her advice and she had to be able to answer their concerns. This helped her greatly while doing her Biology A Level and also now while she is doing her degree as she learns about the human body.

Similarly, Lois, a third-year student at Glyndŵr University in North Wales, worked at a butterfly and reptile farm while she was in sixth form. This helped her massively when applying to university as her degree is Animal Studies and the university was very impressed that she had already worked with animals and had some valuable experience.

Therefore, getting a part-time job at sixth form will give you a great advantage and will look amazing on your CV or personal statement. It will prepare you for when you are searching for a full time job as you will know a little about what to expect and how the world of work works, as well as being used to meeting new people and having to work with colleagues you might not know yet, or might not even like. There are no disadvantages in having a part-time job at sixth form because your capability to work and study at the same time will be impressive to universities and employers. It will signify your intelligence and time management skills.

Keep it manageable 

Of course, if you feel like you are working too long hours and are struggling with school work, you have every right to ask an employer for fewer hours – and you can always quit altogether if its becoming too much of a burden. There is nothing to be anxious about if you’re thinking about getting a part-time job; it’s just another asset to add to your repertoire, and you might regret not getting one in the long run.

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Have you had a part-time job during sixth form or college? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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Mared GruffyddWhy a part-time job during sixth form will help your future

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