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Picking the best candidate: Top 8 questions you should ask during a job interview

As a job seeker, preparation is key for the interview process. Here we look at the types of questions an interviewer may ask and what they may hope to discover from the responses.

An interviewer has a responsibility to pick the best candidate based on their answers to these questions.  Platforms that use contingent labor procurement rely on asking tough questions to weed out the good workers from the bad.

8. Anything Not In The Job Description

Interviewees study the job description back and forth. This allows them to prep canned answers that more or less align with the company’s values. The problem with this is that it doesn’t tell you anything about how they really feel. Use the element of surprise to get an honest answer.

7. If You Could Change Something About Your Past, What Would It Be?

The answer to this question lets you know whether an employee learned lessons from their mistakes. Whether or not they take responsibility for any errors in their past will tell you about their character. There are benefits to seeing how an employee handles adversity.

6. Tell Me Your Favorite And Least Favorite Supervisor

This is a perfect way to see how an employee respects the chain of command. If their favourite supervisor let them get away with everything, that is a problem. And if they openly trash their least favourite supervisor, that is another problem.

5. Tell Me About Yourself

Using this question is the easiest way to get an employee to reveal information about themselves. Some people talk themselves into a corner while others say just enough to get through the question. Both can have an interesting outcome if you observe body language.

4. What Is Your Biggest Success Story?

Use this question as an icebreaker before asking tough questions. It’s also a way to put a nervous interviewee at ease so they open up more. Noteworthy accomplishments are worth hearing about, especially if it aligns with the current position.

3. How Did You Handle A Difficult Working Relationship?

Teamwork is all about getting along with people that you won’t always see eye to eye with. Candidates that have issues resolving problems will be exposed by a bad answer. Not all candidates will answer this question and may admit there was never any problems.

2. What Is Your Ideal Position Within This Company?

The person you’re interviewing can now talk about their skills and how it fits the position. Although a lot of this will be a retread from the resume, it opens up more questions about whether they are fit for the current position. You may also be in for a surprise when they claim the position they want is not the one they are currently interviewing for.

1. Why Do You Want To Work For This Company?

This is the most hated question ever in an interview- and that is exactly why you should ask it. Even though it is expected, this question is perfect for any candidate. This is how you separate the candidates that will fit from the ones you can’t live without.

Wrap Up

With these eight questions, you’ll be able to probe the most important parts of an employee’s personality. Their answers will determine short and long-term brand compatibility. Add in your own relevant questions to ensure the best fit possible.

Have you been caught out by a particularly tough interview question? Share any experiences below so we can all learn. 


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