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Pop!: How to survive the biggest SU night at Warwick

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You can’t simply attend Pop!. You need to have a game plan. It’s not exactly Mordor, but going to Pop!, or even explaining it to people who are unfamiliar with it can be a task and a half. But for all the Freshers who have yet to attend, I shall guide you on your path to Pop! success. During my first year, I somehow ended up going to Pop! almost every week, so I can guarantee that you’re in safe hands.

Dress appropriately

When you’re deciding what you’re going to wear, follow one simple rule: don’t wear anything you actually like, especially shoes. I learned this lesson the hard way after having a lovely pair of black flats completely ruined by the sticky and purple-soaked floors of the Copper Rooms.

After that incident, they were my Pop! shoes for the year, and were promptly thrown out when I left Halls. Also, pick some shoes that will stay on your feet, as the adhesive qualities of the floor will ensure that your shoes are pulled off your feet with every step.

It’s disgusting – in a good way

If you haven’t guessed it already, you should know that Pop! is filthy. The germaphobe in me balks at the sheer amount of sweat that is pouring off people as they rock out to Cotton-Eye Joe and other cheese anthems. While you won’t be judged too harshly, to avoid being one of these people that’s alarmingly sweaty, you could follow the example of most sports teams and wear as little as possible.

The toilets quickly run out of toilet paper, so a packet of tissues is always useful. Don’t lean on the bar – it’s usually sopping wet with spilled drinks and bodily fluids. Furthermore, if you go circling, remember that spillage is lickage.

Get ready to get dirty

When it comes to style, expect drinks to be spilled on you. Don’t wear your latest vintage find, or anything else that you actually think you look good in. Pop! isn’t really a fashion show, and you’ll see everything from onesies to makeshift condom costumes. Keep it casual or let your creative side run wild!

If you want to stay cool inside, wearing layers and light fabrics is the best way to go. But if you’re not tough enough to brave the walk and decide to take a coat, be nice to the students in the cloakroom. I have friends that work there and your most disgusting drunken moments will be the next morning’s entertainment. But it’s important to simply have fun and go with the flow. After all, it’s the odd things that make Pop! Memorable, even after you graduate!

Had an interesting experience at Pop!? Tell us in the comments below!

Photo: Romain DECKER / Flickr

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Daljinder JohalPop!: How to survive the biggest SU night at Warwick

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