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Four ways to prepare for job hunting after university

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Job hunting after university isn’t always the easiest process to undertake, and for most people, finding the perfect job after graduation takes much time, effort, and serious forethought. With a bit of practice and the right amount of preparation, however, becoming a top candidate for a dream position can become a reality. Here are just a few ways to prepare for job hunting and job success after graduation, and why the journey might be more rewarding than you think.


In a world where personal recommendations are highly valued among employers, it’s no secret that networking is an important skill for jobseekers to develop. By discussing potential job leads with friends, family members, and even former professors, university graduates can give themselves a serious leg up in their job search by turning to personal connections and recommendations for positions that often go unlisted on company job boards and career search engines.

Attend a job interview workshop

While your education, skills, and work experience will be important facets in getting you an interview with your dream company, a truly stellar job interview is likely to be the main factor in landing you a position. By attending a job interview workshop in your area, you can learn important concepts about the conversational skills that set great candidates apart from the competition; the lessons you’ll learn about job interview etiquette and strategies from experienced professionals will also serve you in good stead throughout your career.

Design a great CV

For most job seekers, a stunning CV is the first chance a would-be employee has to make a positive impression with a potential employer. To create a CV that really stands out from the crowd, try attaching a professional photograph of yourself – trade show headshots can provide a more personal touch to the often impersonal process of sending CVs to employers, and they can do wonders for job seekers who want to make a strong first impression on hiring managers.

Volunteer for a great cause

Just as networking provides new graduates with potential career opportunities, volunteering can lead to new professional connections and even future job openings if pursued with a positive attitude and strong work ethic. If you’re passionate about a particular line of work, try asking companies related to your chosen field if they have any volunteer positions available. Not only will you get your foot in the door with a track record of quality volunteering, you may just discover your true calling in the process.

For these reasons, preparing for job hunting after university can be an intimidating prospect; with the right game plan and a positive attitude, however, you may just find a job that suits you perfectly. And that is career building done right!

What advice do you have for people looking to prepare for job hunting? Let us know in the comments below.

Emma SturgisFour ways to prepare for job hunting after university

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