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Science-backed tips to help you pass your exams

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Test-taking is nerve-wracking as it is! The prep for tests is sometimes difficult when we don’t know where to start. A lack of a study plan results in things like cramming and late-night sessions poring over material at the last minute. Cramming may work for some people, but there are many better (and less stressful!) ways to study. The first step is to give yourself enough time before the test to review the material.

‘Spaced learning’ is the scientific term for spacing out your studying and learning time, as opposed to cramming or ‘mass learning’. Spacing out your study time and working in smaller chunks of review into your schedule can help your long-term memory in the long run. Plus, it’ll save you a few extra hours of sleep the night before!

After you set up a solid study schedule, you’ll need to set up a suitable study space. You’ll ideally want a quiet spot where you can get adequate lighting and enough distance away from distractions. Additionally, you should have a comfortable desk setup with a comfortable chair and computer monitors and accessories set at a healthy distance.

Unfortunately, we can’t always carve out a private study space and need to use communal areas like the dining or living room. In these cases, you should speak to your family or roommates to get on the same page about study time and what you need from them.

Now that you have a spaced out study schedule and a comfortable study space, you’ll need to start looking into different study techniques to enhance your learning. Rereading textbooks may work for some of us, but others may need other methods to make information stick.

You can try a number of things to improve your memory while you’re studying. For example, you can walk through a familiar place and associate each thing you need to remember with objects that you see. You can also try recording voice memos or even recording lectures (with your professor’s permission!) to listen to the material instead of just reading it.

There are many more techniques you can try out to get the test material to stick. Take a look at these science-backed study tips from JW Surety Bonds to learn about some of these different methods to supercharge your next round of studying.

Help you pass your exams

What else do you think can help you pass your exams? Let us know your tips in the comments below.

Career CamelScience-backed tips to help you pass your exams

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