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Seven ways to make your weekends last longer

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At university it can feel like your weekdays and weekends blur into one as you enjoy the last time before a career forces you to join the rat race and deal with responsibilities. Of course, that doesn’t mean your life is one long weekend right now, no matter what the older generations might say, more like you’re so busy getting your work done on time and fitting in everything else you need to do, meaning your weekends fly past. But how do you make your weekends last longer?

Weekends are important for many reasons, but check out these three key stats:

  • Being happy makes you more productive by 12 percent, so give yourself some happiness at the weekend
  • Relaxing and taking a break from everyday life can make you 50 percent more creative
  • If you’ve worked anything like a 55 hour week, trying to do anymore at the weekend is pointless because your productivity will be non-existent

So now we’ve convinced you that you need to make the most of your weekend, what can you do to actually make it feel like it’s lasting longer? It turns out that there are ways, all backed by scientific research, to help you have a fulfilling and memorable weekend every time. They’re applicable for anyone, but for stressed-out students they’re especially important because most of them are things you should already be doing.

The first tip is to be spontaneous, taking advantage of sudden opportunities or offers to do something new or surprising as these are the kind of experiences that your brain stores more detailed memories. University is a time for making memories, so get out and do it and you’ll find your weekends suddenly don’t feel so short.

Something that might be more of a stretch is the tip that you should be ditching your phone as much as possible at the weekend, because going tech-free will make your time feel less hurried. Weekends should be about slowing things down and indulging a little in things like listening to your favourite music or watching scary films, as both of these are good for your brain’s ability to store memories and enter a zen-like state of mindfulness.

It doesn’t have to be all navel-gazing though, as activities like playing competitive sports or learning a new skill are also great ways to make it feel like a lot more time has passed, as well as having lots of other benefits – not least being fun. As you get ready to start your career, getting into the habit of making the most of your weekend will make you a happier and more productive person, so follow the tips in the infographic below and start making some memories.

Make your weekends last longer

How do you make your weekends last longer? Share your advice in the comments below.

Marilyn VinchSeven ways to make your weekends last longer

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