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Seven ways to set goals and actually achieve them

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Reaching success takes a lot of hard work and hustle and bustle. You may set goals for yourself, but creating a plan of action on how to get there may be another story, yet a valuable one. Research shows that those who set goals are 10 times more successful than those who don’t. 

If you are ready to set goals and actually achieve them, here is an easy step by step guide to doing just that.

Know your purpose

No matter what your goal may be, cooking at home more or working out at least four times a week, understand how your goal will, and can, benefit you. 

Put pen to paper

Now, write them down! Writing out your goals consistently can keep you focused on your goal and its purpose. This can actually increase your chance of hitting your targets by 1.2 to 1.4 times than if you didn’t. 

Create micro-goals

Your goals may be to travel the whole world or saving up for your dream car, either way, break these goals down into micro-goals. Sometimes bigger milestones take months, or even years, to achieve. Avoiding feeling defeated when reaching an extensive goal.

Plan your schedule realistically

Along with setting micro-goals, be honest with yourself and your timeline. You may not reach these goals this week, month, or year, but if you put your mind to something, you will get there. 

Plan for the hard times

No matter what you do, life will most likely throw curveballs your way. If you are reaching for a health and fitness goal, you may get sick or really want just one doughnut. Don’t be too hard on yourself, you can always reset again tomorrow.

Have a support team 

Tell those around you about your goals. Not only can they be there when you hit roadblocks, they will be the ones on the sidelines cheering you on. 

Always keep your head up

You won’t just wake up tomorrow with all your goals met. Stay positive and keep your mind on the goals you are wanting to achieve and why, even when times get a little sticky!

Check out Mint’s infographic for an easy go-to guide to reaching your goals this year:

Set your goals and achieve them infographic

How did you set goals and actually achieve them? Let us know in the comments below!

Kayla MontgomerySeven ways to set goals and actually achieve them

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