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Ten jobs which are ten times cooler than what your parents do

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Don’t want to go into a conventional career? Here are ten ideas of some jobs which will knock your parents’ expectations right out of the water…

1. Hollywood makeup artist

Think about it. You could get to powder Ryan Gosling’s nose. Or paint Jennifer Lawrence’s lips red.

2. Personal Shopper

If your shopping habit is breaking your budget then you may have the talent it takes to put others, with larger bank balances, in the same predicament.

3. Santa Claus for hire

Keep the magic alive for little kids and chortle at the adorable things they say. Being employed to spread Christmas cheer to children? Sounds oh-ho-ho so good to me.

4. Zombie

Have a thing for Halloween? Would like to have a boss who compliments how close to dead that hangover is making you look? You can get paid to make grown men scream like little girls by dressing up as a zombie and jumping out at them in the London Dungeons.

5. Professional sleeper

We can confirm that this dream job exists. Some hotels employ people to test out their beds and blog about how blissfully comfortable they are.

6. YouTube celebrity

You too could become famous overnight for your bouncy, quirky personality or quick wit. YouTube stars who make it big can earn more than £20,000 a month.

7. Water slide tester

The Neverland of the job market: travelling around the world on a quest for the best water slide.

8. Luxury travel reviewer

Staying in the top hotels around the world for free, flying first class and gazing at the view with a cocktail in hand? Receiving a salary to blog about what an amazing time you had?

9. Penguinologist

This job title would never fail to turn heads and open conversations at a dinner party. A penguinologist is someone who specialises in everything and anything to do with penguins.

10. Alcohol taster/chocolate critic

Last but not least: getting paid to drink and eat the things you love would be pretty sweet.

Warning: some of these jobs are only temporary positions and may not pay the best wages.

Do you know any jobs which are ten times cooler than what your parents do? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo: David Stanley / Flickr

Megan BowerTen jobs which are ten times cooler than what your parents do

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  • Dan S. - February 3, 2015 reply

    Fun post Megan! I want to be a penguinologist now 😀

    But before that I’m planning to publish a similar post on my blog, so thanks for the inspiration 🙂

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