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The educational backgrounds you can use to get into business

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Some entrepreneurs create huge companies that come up with new designs and innovations. Others are smaller business owners who work on a more local scale. No matter the industry you choose, being an entrepreneur demands certain knowledge and skills and creating a good product is just the beginning. Think of your skill or product as a house; your business savvy is the foundation. Luckily, business skills can be learned. Here are some degrees which are great for entrepreneurs. Certain personality types are geared toward owning a business, and education gives that advantage an edge. Here are some promising educational backgrounds you can use.


This is an obvious degree choice for entrepreneurs.¬†It will cover a range of topics needed to run a business. A good entrepreneurial education will give you hands-on experience and the chance to network with business owners. This could be a great path of study if you know you want to be in business for yourself, but aren’t sure what you’d like to do. Not all universities offer this degree, so research carefully to see what’s right for you.


Business is another go-to choice. You can choose to take various modules¬†within your business degree. Study something that interests you, from finance to real estate. The world of entrepreneurship is huge, and you know which directions speak to you the most. Make things work in your favour by going after what you’re most passionate about.

Public relations

With a degree in public relations, you’ll learn how to influence what people think. This is important in regard to selling your company and how it is perceived. It is key now more than ever, with social media being a huge focus. You’ll learn how to channel and control the flow of information. People begin to make a choice to make a purchase long before they realise, due to the influence of public relations experts.


Learn how to reach potential customers and generate their interest with a degree in marketing. You’ll learn how to cultivate your brand, do business internationally, and make sure consumers hold your product in high regard. Learn how to utilise research and leverage sales strategies.


Communication skills are key. Without them, businesses of any type can’t survive. Polish your skills that are strong, and build up your weak areas. Everyone can benefit from speech classes. You’ll need to be able to speak confidently to be successful. Once your business thrives and becomes well-known, you will likely be invited to speak to audiences. You’ll want to be good at this, because it’s free advertising. You’ll need to have good written communication, as well. Having a basic understanding of quality communication will help you hire professionals to do tasks you want to outsource.

Human resources

If you become a business owner, you’ll have employees. Knowing how to manage them will be important. They are the face of your business, and they affect the stability of your organisation. It’s cheaper to keep people long term than it is to have a lot of turnover. Having good communication with staff is part of what makes a company successful. A degree in human resources will set you up with skills needed to guide and lead employees. Part of what drives people to be entrepreneurs is the ability to create their own company culture. Why not make sure yours is great?

There is some overlap between these degrees, and they all benefit future business owners. Choose the one that speaks most strongly to you, and you’ll be on your way to future success. Along with good people skills, your educational background will inspire confidence in potential customers and investors.

Do you have any advice on educational backgrounds you can use to get into business? Tell us in the comments below.

Eileen O'ShanassyThe educational backgrounds you can use to get into business

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