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The importance of having a “side job”

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It is once again that time of the year when graduation caps go flying through the air and graduates begin to wonder “what now”. In all of the excitement students have not yet considered the next steps in life. The angst of moving back in with parents prompts them to apply to any available job. Maybe you have heard this story before; it’s probably all too familiar, isn’t it?

Your first job stinks

By now you have graduated and are working in a cloistered office doing who knows what, struggling to keep yourself from bashing your face with your keyboard.  Well it’s alright to be bored, this is all part of laying down the ground work for your career. Unfortunately, many graduates expect a management level position immediately, but the truth is that everyone has to put in their time at these underwhelming jobs. Logging “grunt work” hours will pay off; most companies will notice your value as a hardworking employee and look for those to promote. If you decide to leave the company you still could score a great recommendation from your boss. A solid recommendation is a great foot in the door to another business where you may have little experience in. Work hard, learn quickly, and complete tasks on time.

Until you get the dream job…

In the meantime, while you hammer away at your desk from nine to five consider the benefits of getting a second job. Not only is it a great source of extra income, the second (side) job serves many purposes. A term I like to use for a second job is the “side hustle” because that is exactly what a second job should be; a hustle. The side hustle could be a job you have never tried out but have an interest in. It could also be a job you are passionate about but make little money or work strange hours. For example, perhaps you were an athlete at university; it is time to capitalise on your skills in sport and give back to the community you once belonged to. Similarly, freelance writing, tutoring, creating art, and bar tending are likely to be something you as a graduate can handle.

Find your passion

As a young adult with a degree you are given so many opportunities that others unfortunately are not. You have the chance to explore multiple job industries, determine what it is you love doing, and pursue it. This can take time, so it is important to be patient. Sitting idly by waiting for the perfect job to find you is naïve, and may never happen. So it is time for you to get out there and apply for the most abstract jobs you can find. From my experience you may be better off searching locally; those quirky fun jobs are not always posted online.

Do you have a “side job”? What is it? Tell us below.

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Casey BennetThe importance of having a “side job”

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