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The ins and outs of headhunting

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In our troubled economy’s fast and furious world of revolving door employment, companies have taken to hiring headhunters to fill more integral positions in their businesses.

Headhunting is an executive search in which trained consultants are brought in to find the absolute ideal candidate for the position. Headhunting may be a disparaging process for some, as it can greatly restrict their chance of being hired, however, if you are currently being headhunted, or you are simply looking to garner a headhunter’s attention, there a number of standard tactics and expectations to be aware of.

Beware of flattery

The headhunter’s decision regarding whether or not to call you for an opening is generally dependent upon a minutely cursory glance at your résumé. The headhunting phone call can be one of the single most-clumsy calls in the world of business, especially if there is a boss or co-worker within earshot. It is imperative at this point, that you do not let the headhunter flatter you into making an irrational decision. Think long and hard about the job they’re offering you, and bide your time to make the most logical choice possible.

Get noticed

On the other hand, if you’re trying to gain the focus of headhunters, there are a number of steps you can take to carry yourself more professionally. Refine your bio, until it is a simplistic two- or three-page document. Think about including an official outline at the top, giving them a chance to recognise what makes you unique. Dodge trite statements like, “dynamic,” “demonstrated track record” or “group player”. Based on your outfit, the way you present yourself, or the way you talk, a headhunter may choose whether or not to bump you up on the client roster. Even though one and only one applicant will be enlisted, their point is to get positive input on every last one of them. The headhunters are ruthlessly meticulous in their process, and the slightest error in judgement can cost you the job.

How to deal with it

Although the process of being headhunted can be distressing for some, and even career threatening for others, there are always ways of dealing with it in a calm, efficient manner. The exceptional news is that there is a superb plan B to a Harvard MBA. Online studies have come to be all the more extensively acknowledged and many managing directors think less about where you earned your degree. The expression “long lasting studying” however much abused, it is the No. 1 buzzword for today’s vocation administration.

The headhunted route will not guarantee you happiness in your job role but it might give your career and salary the boost you are looking for, keeping a cool head and judging whether a new position is better than the one you already have can be a tough call but you have to play the game to win.

Do you know anything about the ins and outs of headhunting? Let us know in the comments below!

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Matt DayThe ins and outs of headhunting

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