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The most in-demand tech skills around

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If, like me, you consider tech one of the biggest passions in your life, then naturally you may be throwing around ideas to pursue a career in some kind of techie niche. As I’m sure you’re aware, there’s certainly a lot of choice under this term! If you’re looking into further training, but you’re having trouble settling on one particular career path, here are some of the most in-demand tech skills going…

Software Development

This is probably the broadest of the skills that business owners are currently crying out for. It’s

undeniable that software developers, no matter what project they’re assigned, need to understand the basic tenants of development, and be familiar with all the major philosophies surrounding this niche. Past that, there are countless areas and sub-disciplines which all come under “software development”. Some of the most popular niches around include mobile app and web development, thanks to the modern prevalence of apps and websites in the global business arena. Experience with Python programming language, and the Git version control system are also very in at the moment. If you’ve got a creative flair and want to pursue a techie career, then you could do a lot worse than training in software development!

IT Operations and Management

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade, I’m sure you’ll be aware of how in-demand IT support for business is. IT operations and management (or governance, as it’s often referred to), sort of sits on the fence between IT as a tech and service organisation, and IT as a process-driven, business-oriented niche. This is where familiarity with frameworks such as COBIT can be exceedingly helpful. As a professional in IT operations and management, you’ll need a keen understanding of how a business’s tech resources affects every facet of the organisation, rather than just coding languages and other, more technical sub-disciplines. Auditing, formal change management, risk management and so on are all part of this skill. More and more, CEOs are looking for people who not only have a technical background, but proven experience of understanding how IT relates to meeting the business’s long-term goals, profit margins, and overall productivity.

IT Security


IT security, now more than ever, is a topic that pops up in the headlines frequently. Hacking and other cyber threats are a big concern for millions, from the most unknown start-up owner to the president of America. As the internet becomes more and more accessible, IT security expertise is only going to become more and more in-demand, so there are certainly worse skills you can pursue. Already, there are countless opportunities for people with the right qualifications and experience in IT security. From the Chief Security Officer at a company down to IT admins with responsibilities to operational security. Thanks to government initiatives, there’s also a lot of opportunities for training, work placements, internships and so on out here. If you want to work in a tech niche and even have the opportunity to bring criminals to justice, this could be the skill for you.

Perhaps you are a whizz with IT? Have you researched a career with technology?


Career CamelThe most in-demand tech skills around

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