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The types of work you can find in charity

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Do you have a passion for serving the less fortunate? Do you care about a cause so much that, given the opportunity, you’d work for an organisation with the same values? Charities that support and bring awareness to critical issues are located around the country and do important work for communities, the environment, and many other causes. Charities wouldn’t thrive if it weren’t for the dedicated people that work for them. If you think this would be a perfect match for you, let’s take a look at some of the work you can find in charity.

Unlimited opportunities

Although some may worry there are limited options in the non-profit world, the opposite is true. Charities need the same kind of employees that most any other company does. is a job-hunting website geared towards those looking to work for a charity. You can narrow down your search by skill and/or cause that you desire to work for. Many charities allow telecommuting as an option immediately upon hire, or after some time with the organisation.

Skills in demand

Charities are similar to businesses in that they require skilled workers to support their efforts. Many of the positions you’ll find are the same or very similar to other companies since they operate departments such as finance, IT support, web design and optimisation, and HR management. A unique opportunity in the charity sector is working as a grant writer. Grant writers draft a grant proposal which is submitted to individuals and organisations with a vested interest in the cause. Most grant writers use the Foundation Directory website to locate potential funding, which allows them to see how much an organisation was awarded and by whom.

Changes and challenges

Charities have a unique situation where they can offer employees more than the average 9-5. They love workers who are able to multi-task, learn new skills, and quickly gain experience in a variety of areas. Rather than being relegated to communications, you might be able to travel, meet clients, organise events, and more. You’ll have to juggle a lot of different tasks, but the added challenge is often what keeps their employees motivated and interested in their positions.

Charities need skilled workers in many areas but, like for-profit businesses, their biggest demand is in IT and finance. If you know which charity you want to work for, start by networking in person or on LinkedIn to make contact.

Do you know other kinds of work you can find in charity? Let us know in the comments below.

Eileen O'ShanassyThe types of work you can find in charity

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