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Theatre career opportunities you’ve never thought of

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Working in theatre offers many enjoyable and exciting careers for students passionate about art and expression. However, on-stage careers aren’t just limited to acting or directing. Continue reading to learn about on-stage careers that you have probably never considered.


Costume design is essential to every on-stage production. Costume designers create and construct unique wigs and costumes for each production. This begins with in-depth research and preliminary drawings that are shared with the show director. As part of this, a costume budget must be established with the producer. The costume designer will also create schedules and deadlines for measurements, fittings and alternations. Shop assistants and wardrobe technicians assist the costume designers with sewing, altering, cleaning and repairing costumes and wigs. One of the most rewarding things in this job is seeing all your hard work under the lights on stage.


Theatric makeup artists add the final touch to the costuming. This isn’t just limited to regular facial makeup, but may include special effects makeup, such as creating an injury or an alien face for an actor. The majority of theatric makeup artists gain valuable experience through participating in school or community plays. Many theatric makeup artists start out working at a fashion or photography makeup studios. They also generally study theatre acting, design, and production. Most states require that theatric makeup artists possess a valid cosmetology license as well.

Set design

Scenic designers and set fabricators create the artistic backgrounds that bring the stage to life. They are often limited by the stage and budget size. Set designers integrate different skills and knowledge into set fabrication. For example, they must thoroughly read the script in order to understand the settings and description. This will involve in-depth historical research and collaboration with the play director to ensure total accuracy. Scenic designers must also submit schedules, labor projections and budget proposals to the play producer. They must also work closely with the prop masters, lighting technicians and carpenters.

Casting agency

There are also excellent on-stage careers available for thespian enthusiasts who prefer to work off-stage. That is, casting agencies work under the supervisor of a casting director and are tasked with choosing the perfect person for each role. Assistants to the casting director generally perform a variety of administrative and audition tasks, such as setting up cameras and organising casting sessions. However, the digital age means that a casting agency online will perform a lot of online tasks, such as emailing and scheduling. You might also work with an online service like to find models, actors, and narrators. A casting director must have solid theatrical experience, intuitive insight, and strong interpersonal skills.

In the end, there are many on-stage career opportunities available for those interested in theatre and the arts. These careers include costuming, cosmetology and set design. Use these ideas to find the job perfect for your skills, experience, and passions!

Do you know of any more theatre career opportunities? Please post them below!

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Brooke ChaplanTheatre career opportunities you’ve never thought of

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