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Three lucrative careers which have nothing to do with university

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You may know you aren’t cut out for university, or don’t want to take on the debt, but you still want a rewarding, financially lucrative career. Fortunately, in spite of the emphasis on earning degrees, there are still some very solid careers which have nothing to do with university. They all pay pretty well too. We’ll go over some of the best options available to you below.

Detectives and criminal investigators

Are you addicted to crime dramas and have a keen eye for detail? Are you good at putting the pieces of a puzzle together and getting the truth out of people? Most detective shows on TV aren’t anything like the real thing, but detectives and investigators do work to solve real world crimes without a degree and for a fairly high salary. Job opportunities vary by location – some counties employ more criminal investigators than others.

Lorry drivers

Lorry drivers are the new in-demand jobs, and with good reason. Companies, retailers and customers need truckers to deliver products to specific locations and in a timely fashion. This career requires no degree whatsoever, just training courses like those offered at Makene’s Driving School for the proper commercial licence. Routes vary, so many drivers only do local routes and get to spend every night at home, while others get to go on cross-country trips and experience amazing new places, so there is some flexibility. There is also the option of becoming an owner operator, where you own and operate your own truck.

Estate agents and brokers

Because estate agents are essentially specialised salespeople, they largely work on commission. This means that the better you are at selling homes, the more money you are likely to make. The top-paid agents can easily make six figures. Not bad for a career that only requires basic qualifications. This is an excellent career for design-minded people, as one of your responsibilities will be to guide owners on what changes to make to their homes to increase the chances of selling.

These are just a few of the careers that don’t require a degree and boast a very high pay grade. There are others, so be sure to look into your options. These three are all solid options, however, and might very well be the career of your dreams. Look into them if you’re still trying to decide what career path you would like to pursue.

Do you know of other careers which have nothing to do with university? Let us know by tweeting us over at @CareerCamel.

Emma SturgisThree lucrative careers which have nothing to do with university

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