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Three traits you need to succeed as a dentist

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As a dental professional, you’re responsible for caring for your patients and helping them to feel comfortable at each visit. When it comes to improving their oral health, there are many traits that you need to ensure that you meet the needs of different people who come into your practice. Here are a  few of the top characteristics you’ll need to have or develop if you want to succeed as a dentist.

People skills

One of the most common challenges that dentists face is finding, growing, and retaining their patient base. It’s important to understand that one of the main factors that determine if a patient stays with their current dentist long-term and remains loyal to them is if they feel comfortable during each visit. You’ll need to have people skills that allow your patients to feel welcome in your office, which makes making conversation and learning about their lives.

Calm nerves

Steady nerves are a must for many reasons for anyone who provides dental care to patients. Dentists are expected to be calm under pressure, whether you’re performing an exam or are in the middle of a root canal. Your nerves will influence how safe and comfortable the patient feels and will determine the quality of care that you provide. Legally Mine explains that almost 90 percent of dentists are afraid of being sued. Although there’s always a risk involved when providing dental services to patients, it’s important to feel confident in your training, education, and skill level to ensure that you feel at ease with each interaction.

Compassion and honesty

The best dentists are those that make it a point to be compassionate and honest when caring for their patients. Gap Medics asserts that compassion is necessary to ensure that you understand the pain or discomfort that a patient may be experiencing to help them to feel taken care of with each visit. Honesty is also integral to ensure that you don’t compromise your values and provide patients with the services that they need without making money your goal. Patients will quickly learn if you’re compassionate and honest, which will cause them to continue coming back for your services, which will allow you to succeed in the industry.

Becoming a great dentist doesn’t only require education and training. You’ll also need specific character traits that allow you to establish trust with your patients and show that you genuinely care. Anyone can become a dentist — the real achievement is being a great one.

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Eileen O'ShanassyThree traits you need to succeed as a dentist

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