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Use LinkedIn to fuel your career

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LinkedIn is probably the most misunderstood social network. There are those who use it like Facebook, telling others all about their drunken night out or fail to see the need 2 spell tings rite, and there are those who just don’t get the point of it:

LinkedIn Joke

If you don’t know, LinkedIn is a professional social network where you can connect with others in your industry. But how do you take advantage of this? How do you get the most out of LinkedIn?

Here are my five top tips:

1. Fill out your profile

Every bit of work experience, every random (and seemingly useless) qualification you’ve gained, every project you’ve worked on. Fill it all out in detail and update it whenever you do something new.

2. Connect with others in your industry

LinkedIn is essentially for finding jobs and other professional opportunities. This is pretty hard to do if you don’t connect with others within your industry. Firstly, connect with people you actually know, then use your connections to connect with more people and broaden your network.

3. Get endorsements and recommendations

Endorse others and they are likely to endorse you back. You can also ask people you’ve worked with to endorse your skills. Once you’ve got some endorsements, you’ll want a few recommendations from your connections. Whether you did work experience with them for two days or had a long-term contract, request a recommendation for that role so anyone considering you for a similar role has a testimonial to let them know that you’re more than capable.

4. Share industry news

Sharing industry news helps add to your credibility as a professional. It tells others in your network that you know what’s going on in the industry. For example, if you’re a social media manager and you share an article about a new Facebook feature, it indicates to your network that you’re aware of it and probably already thinking about how to use it effectively. Plus, sharing the news is helpful to others who may not have heard it yet!

5. Join groups

LinkedIn’s group feature allows you to interact with professionals similar to you. This can be great for help finding suitable jobs, or just advice on training for your industry, or even the technique you use to get your job done. Some can seem a little spammy, but if you have a good look the chances are that you’ll find a group that can benefit you in some way.

What do you think of LinkedIn? Have you got any opportunities from using it? Let us know in the comments below.

Featured photo: Nan Palmero / Flickr

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Aysh BanayshUse LinkedIn to fuel your career

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