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What to do after leaving the army or the navy

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Your years spent in the military are bound to be some of the most impact on your entire life. When your time in the service has ended, it can be difficult to determine what to do. With so many options at your disposable, how do you know where to start? Here are four ideas for careers after leaving the army or the navy.

Educating military students

If you’re freshly out of the service, it may be difficult to lose your military mindset. So, why not show a new generation of military personnel the ropes? As an educator at a military school, you can impart your wisdom on all matters of the military. Consider how much mentors and other role models meant to you as you made your way up in the ranks and follow their example. While you could teach almost any subject, those with a military background might particularly enjoy continuing to develop their understanding of global conflict through a degree in military history. This type of degree would also allow you to tailor your teaching to be extremely relevant to your students.

Digital marketing and big data

Being successful in the military requires the utmost attention to detail and understanding of complex scenarios. These skills will make you an asset in a variety of careers, especially digital marketing and big data. These fields are growing as more and more services switch to making recommendations based on user preference and history. With both fields, you will be expected to be as precise and thorough as possible. Digital marketing requires a nuanced understanding of the internet as well as targeted marketing. For big data, you need to be able to comprehend large streams of data. They’re not careers suited for everyone, but veterans would be model examples.

Law enforcement

The military requires you to become disciplined and well-equipped to handle stressful situations. Once you leave the service, you’ll likely want to carry over those skills to your next career. With a career in law enforcement, you can make a nearly seamless transition. You will be expected to follow orders, adhere to protocol and deal with harrowing situations just like you would in the service.


The term “military precision” was made for careers such as logistics. In this field, all members must work together in order to ensure the smooth delivery of goods and/or service to its intended recipient. With your experience in the service, you can help to develop a system of processing that makes a logistics department effective like never before. A career such as a logistics analyst could be right up your alley.

Your time after the service may feel strange and a bit scary at first, but you should view it as an exciting opportunity. Whatever you choose to do, remember to identify yourself as a veteran. Your time in the service has given you skills and experience that could not have been learned by any other means. This is your chance to change the world for the better through all you’ve learned in the service.

What did you do after leaving the army or the navy? Share your experiences below.

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Kara MastersonWhat to do after leaving the army or the navy

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