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Working abroad? Here’s what to do – and what not to do

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Away from home and away from all the luxuries, there you stand, somewhere in Europe or somewhere in America, thriving to make a fortune for yourself. Working abroad does come with a new perspective to move forth with, in life. But what are the essential things you need to keep in mind once you have secured a job abroad?

Is working abroad the same as working in your own country? What are the things you should abstain from while working on foreign soil? The answer lies in some basic points mentioned below.


  • Research, research, research: things like the labour law, fundamental rights, work ethics etc. are quite different in a place like Dubai when compared to any other country in Asia or Europe. Therefore, a thorough research of the city and country you are offered a job in, is very necessary. Try getting accustomed to the norms followed at your workplace. You should also be well acquainted with the culture and the general likes and dislikes of the local population you’ll be working with.
  • Check your contract: it may sound a bit tedious, but going through your job contract is equally necessary. Make sure you understand each and every point and discuss things like redundancy pay and entitlements with the employer.
  • Be prepared to learn: being a fresher on foreign soil, a lot of things might seem new to you. Try and move forth with a submissive approach. Always keep in mind, that it’s a learning phase you’ll be going through. Staying humble and polite will let people form a high opinion of you.
  • Manage your money: earning loads of money might have been the first thought that came to your mind. But it is quite impossible without managing your income judiciously. Keep yourself financially safe and get in touch with an accountant, if necessary.


  • Mismanage your VISA documents: the biggest don’t that you need to refrain from is mismanaging your VISA documents. These documents are quite indispensable for any legal process to move forth.
  • Assume that you are highly qualified for the job: it might be the case that qualifications secured in a specific country, don’t count in another. Don’t lose hope and always be ready to learn new things according to your profession.
  • Assume that the workplace has ample resources: you should prepare to start from scratch at the place you’ll be working in. Make provisions for the basic things you’ll need to avoid shortage of any sorts.
  • Getting involved in political movements or strikes: keeping in mind that you are not working in your own country, you should strictly refrain from getting involved in socialist movements and strikes. This might cause legal issues which ultimately could have negative implications on your CV.

Working abroad might become the most fun experience of your life. All you need is to keep in mind the basic points mentioned above. Bon voyage!

What do you think about working abroad? Let us know in the comments below!

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Swati SrivastavaWorking abroad? Here’s what to do – and what not to do

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