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Writing every day keeps career worries away

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The media industry is changing right before our eyes. As it changes, the ways students need to stand out to enter the industry are changing with it.

Student media is of course a great way to hone your skills and perfect your craft, whether working on a student paper or web site as a writer or editor, or broadcasting on student radio or TV. Yet, is it enough?


A little over two years ago, I began to work for the London-based web site Kettle, a publication that focuses on students but also includes pieces on other topics. I got in touch to be a writer, and began writing on politics. I was then elevated to political editor months later, before creating the site’s media section and its first editor. In January 2013, I was elevated to deputy editor in addition to my current duties.


I had worked on Kettle whilst I was finishing my degree and working on student media. I knew that because the industry was changing and there was more competition for jobs. Standing out had become a priority, and it would take more than student media to help. Working at Kettle has given me a great advantage in allowing me to hone my craft and help in my entry into the industry.

Get involved

So put yourself out there. Do as much writing and editorial work as you can. The benefits will be long-term, from not only networking to honing your craft, getting yourself ready to enter the ever changing world of journalism.

And also, you don’t even have to want to become a journalist to use writing to show off your skills in your chosen career path. Use words to get your story and experience out there.

What are you waiting for? Get writing!

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Alex VeenemanWriting every day keeps career worries away

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