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Career Camel writers’ resolutions 2016

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It’s that time of year again – time to make a New Year’s resolution.

We asked our blog writers to come up with something to stick to in terms of careers throughout 2016. Here’s what they said!

Aysh Banaysh, writer: “Go for coffee and lunches with people in my industry. Grow my network and therefore hopefully grow my income.”

Nick Buxey, University of Warwick editor: I’d like to learn at least one new language (or improve my disastrous French) so I can work on an international level! Some more work experience wouldn’t hurt either.”

Georgie Darling, writer of the month (November 2015): “Learning as much Spanish as possible on my semester abroad so I can work internationally as a journalist!”

Sian Elvin, chief blog editor: “I want to establish myself fully in my new patch as a news reporter and make some decent contacts. I also want to start working towards my senior journalism qualifications!”

Michael Foote, director: “I hope to improve my time management, namely by setting clear times to focus on different projects and sticking to it.”

Samantha Hopps, writer of the month (September 2015): “I want to become fluent enough in French to use it in a work context, so I’ll be taking night classes (and maybe a few weekend trips to France)!”

Daljinder Johal, writer: “I would like to meet more people on my year abroad and make some more friends so that I have a wide range of contacts professionally and personally. I would also like to try and find some work experience for the summer in an area that I’m interested in.”

Robin James Kerrison, writer: Complete personal projects, attend public lectures and take formal courses regarding software development so I can advance my career as much in 2016 as I did in 2015.”

Andy King, writer: I want to qualify as a first aider and be involved in the employment and training of interns, giving myself two very different new additions to my existing skill set.”

Fran Lowe, writer of the month (May 2015): Stop spending so much time moaning about how I don’t like my job, and instead put that time towards doing something about it: find a career that suits me, uses my degree, and in which I feel challenged and valued.”

Hesham Mashhour, University of Cambridge editor: “Making friends with a lot of people who all have great potential who will obviously not help me in any way in my career. #NotNepotist

Helena Moretti, writer: “I’d like to finish my first year of my masters with at least a merit and get some more project management experience before the end of my grad scheme!”

Niamh Ollerton, University of Swansea editor: “I want to be more confident and determined working towards my career goals. I want to take every opportunity I can to improve myself in the field and hopefully, slowly, I will take the first steps towards becoming a broadcast journalist.”

Lucy Skoulding, University of Nottingham editor: This one is quite general but I’d like to believe in myself a bit more in terms of my career and ensure I don’t put off applying to things just because I don’t think I’ll be good enough or don’t have enough skill. I want to have a go at everything and take every opportunity that comes at me to further my career.”

Jessica Smith, University of Sheffield editor: Making sure my social media accounts are ’employer-friendly’!”

Brenda Wong, writer: “I’d like to start properly freelance feature writing for my favourite publications, and building up my personal brand.”

What do you think of our writers’ resolutions 2016? Let us know in the comments below, and tell us your career resolutions!

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Sian ElvinCareer Camel writers’ resolutions 2016

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