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How important are extra-curricular activities?

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As soon as that clock strikes, signalling the end of a long day, what do you normally do? Dash home, change out of your clothes, grab a snack and plant yourself on the couch? Catch a movie or drinks with friends? Absorb yourself in the endless rows of books in the library?

Now, I could be describing the ideal break after class or your worst nightmare. I am not ashamed to admit, that at some point I have been all of these people. Until I realised while filling in my college application forms, that I had nothing to write when asked what my hobbies were outside of class.

Leaving it late

In high school, I barely paid attention to taking part in extra-curricular activities. I was just eager to run home so I could watch my favourite television show while eating my mother’s homemade lasagne. I didn’t think it was necessary to partake in a sport, or join a club after school, until I saw the specific section allocated in university application forms.

More than just grades

Now when that happens, you know it is important. Nowadays, universities don’t just want to see how well youre doing in class, they want to see how well you’re doing in life. Now as you read this, don’t just run out and sign up for a bunch of clubs just for the sake of it. With proper time and research, you might surprise yourself and end up finding a place where you can express yourself creatively.

Getting started 

It is helpful to attend the school community club fairs that people organise during the beginning of the school year. It is a great way to see what your school or university offers, and an opportunity for you to ask questions in a casual setting. There is a club out there for everyone! Whether would you would like to perform in a play, play chess, debate current events or take part in a sport.

Not just for careers

Not only do extra-curricular activities make more attractive to universities, they are a great place to meet people you would not normally encounter in class. It is a good place for people who might not be that outgoing to take a chance and become friends with people who share common interests. One of my best friends at university is someone I met in a club that we both joined. We are still just as close friends today, and talk every single day.

Extra-curricular activities help to broaden your skills and experience while meeting people and of course, having fun!

How important do you think extra-curricular activities are? Let us know in the comments below!

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Nandini SehgalHow important are extra-curricular activities?

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