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How to find a job in criminal justice

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Ever thought that a career in criminal justice would be a good fit for your personality and skills? There is an incredible range of jobs available in this sector. Roles can encompass everything from lawyers to security guards. Read on to find out how to lay the best plans for getting a job in criminal justice.

Job prospects

You would have to be a hermit to miss out on the general atmosphere of the criminal justice sector these days. It’s practically all that is in the news – from terrorism to cyber hacking and major robberies to corruption. It’s no surprise, then, that the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reckon that this year will see an 11% rise in criminal justice sector jobs. For a young person who fancies a career involved with the law, that’s a great opportunity.


A career in criminal justice often combines with another passion or skill. So, if you are a stickler for the detail and love making a good argument, you might be suited to a job in the legal profession. If you love excitement and exercise, then maybe the police might be more suitable. Scientists can also enter the sector with forensics, for example. You might even want to become a computer analyst or security technology expert for the government or a police force.


It is possible to succeed in many areas of criminal justice without a degree. But, we would always recommend starting your career with something relevant under your belt. A criminology degree, for example, will stand you in good stead for all kinds of jobs. You can find out more on the sort of things you can do on this page. The truth is that most professions within the criminal justice system look favourably on those with degrees. And, it’s also a good excuse for carrying on your education. Combined with work experience, a Master’s and doctorate level qualification will take you a long way.

Finding a job

As with all careers, the more experience you have in a field, the more likely it is you will get a job. However, the days of criminal justice jobs being filled by those working in the sector are gone. Degrees are an acceptable route – which makes your education very worthwhile. You will tend to start at the bottom, of course. Take the police force, for example. You will need to do some basic training and prove your worth before you qualify. But, a degree might get you into officer training school, or take you that little bit further when you start working.

The importance of exemplary behaviour

The only issue with working in the criminal justice sector is that you must be squeaky clean. Even an offence committed when you are young can cause issues, depending on what you did. You will also need to take care of your finances, and never get into debt problems. The system will see that as a weakness, and worry that you might be a target for blackmail. Keep your nose clean, stay out of trouble, and you should be OK to reach for the career you crave.

Let us know if you have been looking into the criminal justice system as a career route and see if we can help..

Career CamelHow to find a job in criminal justice

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