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The top four degrees for budding entrepreneurs

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No matter your passion, if you’re a budding entrepreneur, you will want to find a way to turn your interests into a thriving business. But what kind of education should you get? Getting a more traditional business-related degree and something relating to the field of your passion is a good option. Here are the top four degrees for budding entrepreneurs.

1. Accounting

Knowing how to manage a business’ money well is invaluable, and most degreeĀ programs do not cover the topic in sufficient depth to give students a comprehensive understanding of the financial side of business. Obtaining a degree in accounting and acquiring those skills will prepare you well to manage the financial aspects of any business, from preparing finance reports for investors to preparing taxes.

2. Law

Having a background in law (particularly the type of law that your dream business will deal with most) can be extremely helpful for obvious reasons. You can save your business a lot of time and money by not needing to consult an attorney to start up a company, obtain a business license, create contracts, and decide how best to protect the company from legal issues. Having a legal background also equips future entrepreneurs with the ability to think critically and defend their point of view, all important skills when running a business.

3. Business

Perhaps obviously, a business degree will help prepare you for a career in business. Getting a master’s in business administration in addition to your bachelor’s can strengthen your skills and is viewed by many as a necessary step to get the most out of your education. Many accredited universities offer online MBAs for the convenience of students, such as Norwich University. Don’t panic if you get a degree in business or entrepreneurship but find you aren’t ready to start your own company; there are other options for you.

4. A degree in your own interest

What kind of business are you looking to start? A graphic design business (with a major in graphic design)? A business that specialises in IT support (with a major in computer science)? Whatever field in which you want to go into business, getting a degree in that field to obtain necessary skills, knowledge, and contacts could be paramount.

Obtaining the correct degree is sure to better equip you to run the business of your dreams. If possible, make sure any degree program you’re evaluating has hands-on training and internship possibilities, as practical experience is just as important as learning theory.

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Anica OaksThe top four degrees for budding entrepreneurs

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