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Five ways to decide on an education path

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Many students getting ready to start university believe that they should already have a path chosen. This is not the case. Choosing a career takes research, experimentation and an understanding of yourself in order to select an option that will ultimately satisfy you. Keep reading to discover five ways to decide on an educational path. Following these tips can save you money, time and frustration in the long run.

  1. See your academic adviser

One of the very first stops you should make in university is to visit your academic adviser. This person is an expert on campus policies, resources, scheduling, study tips, financial aid and more. He or she can provide you with information on various careers, point you in the direction of helpful campus staff who can share personal experience, and direct you to relevant university services.

  1. Take an aptitude test

One place your academic adviser may direct you to is the career services office. It is here where you can learn specific advice on career development and major exploration. While here, you will definitely want to ask about taking an aptitude test like Find Your Context. An aptitude test can provide great insight on your preferences, strengths and personality characteristics. Your career counsellor can then help you to analyse these insights with regard to compatible career paths.

  1. Audit a class

Auditing a class is a way to take a class simply for the sake of learning something. It’s a great method for discovering whether you have interest in a subject. Another option is to use one of your liberal studies course requirements to take a class that interests you. For example, taking an Introduction to Business course may count as a Social Science requirement, as well as provide you with an up close look at the field of business.

  1. Attend a career fair

Campus career fairs are an efficient way to learn about a number of job options. Various employers from a wide range of fields come to speak to students about their positions. You can learn a lot in just one afternoon about which jobs sound attractive, and then choose fitting placements to work toward it.

  1. Accept an internship

An internship or even volunteer experience will give you hands-on experience with a field of interest without having to commit to a lifetime in that line of work. Short employment or academic credit opportunities such as this allow you to see if you have the temperament, skill and interest for the job.

There’s no need to worry about your future. Take it slow as you take generals classes and familiarise yourself with your options. These five ways to explore a career path should help you gain a ton of knowledge. Knowledge of yourself and the career world is essential to making a solid education path in the future.

How did you decide on an education path? Tell us below.

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Dixie SomersFive ways to decide on an education path

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