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Six of the most difficult jobs you could do

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Everyone thinks their job is difficult and demanding at different times. However, there are some jobs that are definitely more challenging than others. The jobs described in this article are hard for different reasons. Some of them are dangerous, some require long hours, others have a negative public perception, while others are emotionally draining.


These professionals face a very dangerous working environment, work long hours, are away from home, and have to work in all weather conditions. The environment is dangerous due to working with heavy machinery on hilly terrain and cutting large trees down. Injuries are quite common and mechanical errors are also something that have to be dealt with on a regular basis.

Lorry driver

Long distance driving is a task that must be done by many different industries and requires a lot of workers. Truck drivers work long hours, sometimes driving for days on end. They have to remain seated for long periods, have to deal with mechanical error and breakdowns and more. Lorry driver employment disputes are some of the worst for legal representatives for the difficulties they face in their positions.


Farmers have a thankless job. They have to work long hours, are tied down to the farm, receive low pay, and complete many dangerous tasks. Farming requires a lot of capital to purchase land and the necessary equipment, and they then have to invest most of their profit back into the farm and risk loss with bad weather or animal disease.


Cleaners have a repetitive and potentially dirty job. They are expected to maintain the look of public places and do things like take the garbage out and clean bathrooms. They can be exposed to potentially hazardous chemicals and harmful pathogens when they clean. In addition, the pay is often quite low.

Oil drillers

Oil drillers have to work long hours, spend many months away from home, and work in environmentally dangerous conditions. They work on rigs and can face dangerous weather without an easy way to protect themselves.

Animal cruelty investigator

An animal cruelty investigator’s job is difficult because it can be dangerous and emotionally draining. People who neglect animals may have unsafe property conditions and animals who are in a depraved state. These professionals must stay alert at all times. In addition, it can be sad to see animals who are mistreated.

These jobs are all difficult for various reasons. They all deserve to be respected for the hard work that is done. Whether it is entering dangerous situations or working long hours away from home, some jobs are a greater challenge than others.

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Eileen O'ShanassySix of the most difficult jobs you could do

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