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4 reasons to choose a career in law

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Whether you are a student trying to choose a career path or someone who wants to move on from their past roles and take on a new challenge, if you are looking into different job roles, then a career in law may be the perfect place for you to start looking. Depending on your personality and skill set, there are a range of different job roles within this sector which may be suited to your individual traits; and as the legal system is always growing, job security can be fairly strong.

There’s a range of different career options

When most people think of a career in law, they are most likely to think of a barrister, lawyer or Judge, but in reality, there are many other different roles you can go into, from being a mediator or paralegal to a role as a secretary or consultant. As the legal system is always evolving, so too are the jobs available, so it is likely that you will be able to find something to suit your individual skill set. It also means that if you don’t feel you can confidently pass the confidently pass the LSAT, there are still alternative options available to you.

Opportunity for growth

Careers in the legal profession often offer reasonable salaries and, depending on the type of role you go into, opportunities for promotion and financial advancement mean you could be looking at earning up to a 6 figure level and beyond. Aside from the financial benefits of this sector, the legal world is always changing, which means that if you want to work in this sector, you will be faced with new challenges every day; not only would this keep your job interesting, but it would also promote your intellectual and cognitive growth.

Respect amongst the community

Different people want to achieve different things from their job role: for some, making money is the most important aspect of their career; but for others, it is the respect from others and authority in the community that they covet most of all. One of the potential perks which comes with getting a job in law is that it can offer you a multitude of benefits, including having a respected position within your community; whether you’re a Judge or a Stenographer, people will still value your role because you would be working in such a widely respected sector.

Being able to broaden your horizons

Acquiring a job within the law sector will open up new doors to you that you might not have considered or expected. You will be privy to a wealth of privileged information; such as details of court proceedings in certain cases. Not only that, but more and more law firms are crossing international borders and going global; so if you have a job as a lawyer, paralegal or even a secretary within a large corporation, then you might even get the ability to travel to places you might not otherwise have been able to visit.

If you are a budding lawyer, let us know the steps you have taken so far to make your dream a reality.

Career Camel4 reasons to choose a career in law

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