Self-employment ideas perfect for a side gig

Five self-employment ideas perfect for a side gig

You might have a day job that pays a decent amount of money, but the money you earn isn’t enough to cover everything you want to do – such as that epic trip to China or saving to buy a house. This article will give you some self-employment ideas perfect for a side gig that you can take on in addition to your day job to earn you some extra cash.

Become a taxi driver

If you have a car, you can get a lucrative side gig by joining Uber or Lyft as a driver. Before you fill out an Uber or Lyft application, you will want to take into account any maintenance and petrol costs you will incur. All you will need to join Lyft or Uber as a driver is to have a relatively new car and a spotless driving record.

Become a delivery driver

These days, people have gotten so busy that the last thing they want to do is carve out time to go to the shops. For this reason, plenty of delivery services have popped up in the past few years to help busy people who don’t want to brave the supermarket on a Sunday afternoon.

When you sign up for a service like UberEats or Deliveroo, you’ll get paid for every delivery. Depending on the service, you could even earn tips. If you don’t have a car, Deliveroo lets you do deliveries with your bike or scooter. But you will need to undergo a background check.

Become a house sitter

You could get paid to perform tasks such as watering plants, taking out the rubbish, and maybe even feeding a pet or two. You can either ask your friends for referrals or go through a website like The average house sitter makes up to £50 a day.

Become a network marketer

Network marketing operates as a business model that uses distributors to expand a business. Network marketers generate their own leads, recruit partners to their network, and manage and motivate their team to sell their product.

One example of a successful network marketing company that you can look at is Xyngular. Xyngular operates as a health and wellness product that has helped people thrive. The company’s network marketers recruit customers who might turn into business partners who also sell the Xyngular product down the line. You then spend time motivating, training, and updating your team on company news.

Become a tutor

Do you have an advanced degree in a subject like maths, science, or a foreign language in which a lot of students struggle? Consider becoming a tutor for university or college students. The money that you can earn from tutoring will largely depend on your level of expertise, as well as the demand for academic help in your subject. You can look for tutoring jobs on sites like or

With one of these side gigs, you can not only escape the horrible commutes and other indignities which can come with working for someone else. With most of these opportunities, you can pick up jobs at your leisure or whenever you need a bit of extra cash. If you work hard and leave a good impression with the people you serve, your side gig can become your main gig.

Do you have any more self-employment ideas perfect for a side gig? Let us know in the comments section below.

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