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Be brilliant, be needed, be a nurse

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If you don’t want to spend nearly ten years of your life training, but you still want to help people in medicine, there is another option. You can become a nurse instead. As a nurse, you won’t be taking the reigns on major medical procedures. You will, however, be working more with patients, so if you’re interested in the care aspect of medicine, this is the right choice.

Connect With Patients

Perhaps the most important role for the nursing staff in the hospital is to connect with patients. Doctors don’t have time and often move from one procedure to another without a minute to spare. Nurses are needed to ensure that hospitals and clinics don’t start to feel like an industrial factory. They humanize the proceedings.

Keep Everything In Order

A hospital without order would be an absolute mess. No patients would be seen, and the whole system would fall apart. It’s the nurses that keep everything functioning as it should. Without them, files would be lost, doctors wouldn’t know where to go and time would be lost. Time that could have been spent saving people.

Complete Smaller Procedures

You may not be able to complete major procedures. However, you will find that nurses still get involved with patient care. You might have to put needles in, setup feeding tubes among other small, yet significant, processes. In an emergency, you may even be expected to help save a patient’s life.

Expanding Horizons

You may think that there’s nowhere to go once you become a nurse. But if you are willing to learn and gain new skills, you can move forward, up the ranks. You can become the head of nurses in the hospital if you earn a BSN. The infographic below has more information on this possibility.

Infographic Design By Top Reasons for Nurses to go RN-BSN

Have you considered a career in nursing? Perhaps you are already training to be a nurse? Share your experience with others in the comments below.

Career CamelBe brilliant, be needed, be a nurse

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