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Working in art: four tips for making it as a professional artist

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It isn’t easy to find success in the arts. It takes a lot of skills to make it as a professional artist, and many of those skills seem like they don’t have anything to do with the arts. The fact is that every professional artist is also an entrepreneur, and they found success by learning a few business skills along with their craft.

Sell yourself

No customer will ever buy a piece of art if they don’t know that it exists. It may seem simple, but many artists forget that they need to make sure that people are aware of their art. A strong social media presence is vital, especially for artists that work in digital fields, but it’s important not to forget other advertisements. A booth at an art show, a trip to a convention, or simple word of mouth can be all that is needed to make a sale.

Learn to negotiate

People often underestimate the value of art and try to haggle for lower prices. Many of them will even try to get away without paying by offering promises of exposure. No business can survive without income, and the only way to get that income is by negotiating. Artists need to be able to convince people that their art is worth paying for, and a little bit of practice can make the difference between a missed sale and a healthy payment.

Know your audience

People buy art that they like. The only way to make a sale is to study potential clients carefully and tailor the art to their preferences. Successful artists look for local trends and ideas that are growing in the popular consciousness and draw on them to create their art.

Look for insurance

It always helps to have a safety net, especially for artists that use skin as their canvas. A tattoo and piercing business insurance policy is vital for tattoo artists who don’t want to risk losing their livelihood after an accident. Other artists can often benefit from insuring their tools and workplace to make sure that they can recover after a fire or other disaster strikes. You can find business insurance on comparison sites like Quote Goat.

Every successful artist is devoted to their art, but they don’t study it in isolation. They don’t need to be financial experts to make their way in the world, but they do need to understand a few basic skills. It may not be the most appealing course of study to every artist, but it’s a small price to pay for most who want the ability to dedicate their lives to art.

Do you have any more tips on making it as a professional artist? Let us know in the comments.

Kara MastersonWorking in art: four tips for making it as a professional artist

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