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Becoming a counsellor: Four ways to make a difference

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As a counsellor, you have the opportunity to change someone’s life. There are various areas where you can work, such as a school or mental health. You want to find an area of counselling that you feel will make the biggest difference and where you can relate to the people you talk to so that you can provide advice and understand where the person is coming from in life. Here is some advice on becoming a counsellor.

Create change

One of the things that you can help someone with as a counsellor is by making a change. Whether it’s changing the way that someone thinks or the way that someone looks at the inner self, you have a hand in the process. Each person comes to you as a choice and to get needed help, so it’s your privilege to be able to help with all of the life changes that are taking place.


You can use your masters in counselling online or from a university to teach others about the field. An option is to teach a class so that others can learn from you. You can showcase some of the best features of working in the career and a few tips that you’ve come across to help with people of all ages who are in the office. If you don’t want to work as a counsellor with clients, then you can solely teach at a school or even teach at a community centre if classes are offered to the public.

Achieving goals

When you sit down with a client, you can work on goals with that person that might not have been realised. When those goals are met, you get a feeling of accomplishment and success for yourself and the client. You can help the person achieve everything from taking a class to getting a job simply by offering encouragement or helping with completing paperwork. As each goal is met, you can set new ones together.

Becoming friends

If nothing else, you make new friends as a counsellor. There are people you will feel sorry for who have issues at home or who have mental issues that they struggle with. There will be people who have been abused. No matter what background the clients are from, you have an opportunity to give each person a new friend.

A rewarding job in all aspects is a counsellor. It’s challenging at times, but the impacts that you have on someone’s life are significant. Keep the lines of communication open with students and clients to get the best results.

Do you have any more advice on becoming a counsellor? Post your suggestions in the comments below.

Kara MastersonBecoming a counsellor: Four ways to make a difference

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