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Career resources to help students stand out from the crowd

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Most students spend the majority of their job-hunting time on the latest website or smartphone app. And if you’re serious about finding a position that fuels your passion, then you’ll experiment with the best tools for your city and for your specific profession. And you’ll need to stand out from the crowd.

But we’ve seemed to forgotten that personal showmanship – with CV development and interview mastery – is a critical piece of the puzzle. In particular and after months of FE exam preparation, our student’s agonise over the shift from developing technical knowledge to honing their soft skills that actually make a difference.

Why can’t we seek advice from the professionals that have the job we want?

We can, but beware of survivor bias that leads us to draw false conclusions from those that … well, survived the interview process.

So we leveraged the research work of career organisations like The Ladders, Career Builder, and The Muse, to gain actionable insight from hiring managers. Here is a graphic which summarises the advice of 5,200 hiring managers, gathered from surveys, and studies with CV screening applications and eye tracking software.

Career Resources Infographic

What advice do you have to help students stand out from the crowd? Let us know your tips in the comments below.

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Mike GrossmanCareer resources to help students stand out from the crowd

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