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The benefits of a part-time job during sixth form

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Throughout my entire time at sixth form I kept a part time job. As frustrating as it was, starting lessons at 8.30am and not getting home until 9.30pm, it has definitely got me into good habits for managing my workload and being able to switch off easily!

Valuable skills

Not only will a part time job look good on your CV, but also it will teach you valuable skills that will benefit you at university, and further on in working life. It can even be a great stepping stone to help you get into university. If you want to study a subject with a low acceptance rate like veterinary science or medicine, there’s nothing better than being able to say you’ve had a part time job in the field already. It’ll show university admissions teams that you’re dedicated to your future profession and it could give you background knowledge to put you ahead of other students. Even if it’s something small, like working as a receptionist at your local vet a few evenings a week, it all adds up.

It can be unrelated

Your job doesn’t necessarily have to be related to your university course in order for it to benefit you. I worked in a call centre, and I’ve gone on to study journalism. Not especially related, you would think, but being able to think on my feet on the phone, and to deal with difficult customers has made it so much easier to approach people in the street now for vox pops and comments. I gained so much confidence during my job, and now I can easily pick up the phone and speak to anyone, without the nerves and hesitation I was used to.

Earn some money

Aside the obvious factors, a part time job is an easy way to earn some money, whether you decide to blow it throughout your A levels or to put it aside for the future. If you’re planning on going to university, it’s always good to have some back up money saved to stop you plunging head first into your overdraft. A lot of part time jobs don’t pay that well, but it all adds up, and even working one shift a week will slowly give you a good amount of money in the bank, should you need to fork out for books or other equipment.

I don’t think, without having worked through my A Levels, I would have got half as good results at university as I have done. An excellent point to put on your CV, the time management that comes from working through education is so valuable. It forces you to allow time for revision, as well as the time spent at work, and with friends, so you’ll become much more productive in the long run.

It may seem like having a part time job throughout sixth form is a lot of pressure, and working too many hours can make it so. However, look for a job that requires around eight hours a week, and you’ll easily be able to make it work around your studies. It’ll give you extra marks in front of future employers and admissions teams, and it’ll give you a taste of working life so it doesn’t come as such a shock when you’re thrown in, in the future.

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Did you have a part time job while studying for your A Levels? Let us know in the comment section below! 

Georgie DarlingThe benefits of a part-time job during sixth form

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