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Why you should start planning university before you’ve even started sixth form

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If you haven’t even started sixth form, university might seem like a very far way off! However, it is important to start planning for it now. As soon as possible, in fact. Why? Well, it’s going to be one of the most important periods in your life, so you’ll want it to go as smoothly as possible. It is such a big transition to make, and can be a stressful time, so you will want to make sure you are super organised about the whole thing. Here is what you should start thinking about now.


University can be very expensive. You will need to take out loans, which you will then pay back once you have a job. Even though student loans are some of the best credit you will ever get; you shouldn’t solely rely on them. If possible, think about getting a part-time job that you can easily balance with your college studies. This will give you the chance to save up some money you can put towards your university accommodation or tuition fees.

What Do You Want To Be?

Competition for graduate jobs tends to be very high, so you will need to ace your application! It also helps if you graduate with excellent grades. One way you will find studying more enjoyable is to pick a course that you are passionate about. If you know what you want to be when you are older, this will make your choice much easier. But make sure you don’t just opt for a course because it will lead to a well-paid job. You may end up hating the course and performing badly in your studies!

Where Do You Want To Go

You can apply to universities all over the country. You could even apply abroad if you wanted to! And this is something you need to carefully consider. Some students jump at the chance to move away from home. However, this isn’t for everyone. Spend time thinking whether being close to your family is important to you. You may even prefer to stay in your hometown and carry on living with your parents to keep costs down. This isn’t a decision to be made lightly. If you end up regretting your choice, you could be unhappy for your whole time at university. This could have a negative impact on your studies.


Are you reading this and wondering why life is so complicated? Let us know below.

Career CamelWhy you should start planning university before you’ve even started sixth form

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