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Cool careers your adviser may not have told you about

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If you’re coming to the end of your time at school or university, you’ve likely been interrogated by everyone with a passing interest in your life about what you’re going to do next. Some of you might have a plan, but considering you’re being asked to make such a decision at just 18 years old (and sometimes even younger), there’s no shame in not having the foggiest idea.  

Sure, your careers adviser might have some ideas for you: go into teaching, train to be a nurse or a doctor etc. but these won’t appeal to everyone. So why not check out these cool careers that your adviser may not have told you about. 

Confined Space Operatives

As long as you don’t have claustrophobia, a career working in a confined space can prove fruitful, and much more exciting than it sounds. It’s a lot working in the industrial sector; however the difference is that not too many people know about it. 

This makes the job pool more open and allows you to find the perfect opportunity for you doing something specialized that often goes unnoticed. With enough hard work, you can graduate from working for someone to running your own business, too. 

Technical Writer

Anyone who loves writing will likely have half-baked dreams about writing a best-selling novel, but the reality of that is much harder than you expect. If you still want to write for a career while you work on your magnum opus on the side, technical writing is an excellent option. 

You need to have a way with words, of course, and you will get the opportunity to test out new gadgets or devices before they hit the market. Think of it as writing instruction manuals that explain everything concisely and effectively. Eventually, you can make enough connections to branch out to be a freelancer so you can pick the projects you care about. 

Environmental Consultant

There’s never been a more significant time than now to get into environmental consultancy, and if you’re passionate about saving the planet, this could be the career for you. You get to hold corporations accountable for their lax attitude to the environment and fight the good fight, which is both thrilling and rewarding. 

As a greater spotlight gets shone on the environmental sector, the more jobs there will be, so you’ll never be searching too long for an opportunity. It’s more than just an office job, too, and you’ll also be able to get out into the field to test soil and scrutinize environmental issues and provide advice on how to fix problems. 

Do Something Different

It’s easy to follow the lead of your friends or blindly take to the advice of influential adults in your life. However, taking a step back and considering what you want from life is something that not enough young people do when pressured to make a decision about their future. If you take this time, you can find some clarity and find something different to do, which can lead to a prosperous career doing whatever you like. 

Are you on a career path that’s less well-trodden? Share with us what you do in the comments below.

Career CamelCool careers your adviser may not have told you about

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