Work for a variety of companies

Four job paths which allow you to work for a variety of companies

Choosing a job you genuinely enjoy can be no small task. After all, you need one to fit your unique needs and personality. You have the chance to achieve your career goals by considering a job path that’s versatile, and helps you work for a variety of companies.


Whether you’re a graphic designer, fashion designer, interior designer or web designer, you can find work with a company that values you. In addition to this, utilising creative intelligence skills may inspire you to head to work and do an exceptional job. Spend time generating useful ideas to enhance the visual qualities of clothing, homes, websites, logos and more. The skills you may need include communication, creativity, computer software and colour theory.

Computer programmer

Computer programmers create and write code, troubleshoot and test it. Many technology professionals, including web developers, need to know programming skills. While programmers tend to work in offices, they may spend a lot of time telecommuting. If you’d rather have a career that requires you to take action, a security job in your area or another state could be better for you.

Freelance writer

As a freelance writer, you can write about any topic you have knowledge of or are willing to become educated in. Write about cooking, books or entertainment among others. Besides this, you may want to write white papers, grants, or magazine or blog articles, to name a few. Applying for jobs on a regular basis is usually part of being a freelance writer. Schedule work when you want to, and have the freedom to live on your terms.


Having knowledge of multiple languages is desirable to numerous companies. Whether you’re highly proficient in Spanish, French or Chinese, you may be able to find a worthwhile job in a foreign country or in your area. Translators often need to be exceptional listeners, observers and writers. In your job, you may work with corporations or individual clients. Additionally, having cultural intelligence is key to being able to sympathise with those who read translated text and working with people from varied cultures.

Being capable of working for different companies can give you security in knowing that if your current job doesn’t work out, you have the skills to apply for many others. Besides this, you can choose a company that truly makes you feel excited and where you feel like you belong. Making smart decisions about your career path now will be beneficial to your future.

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