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Could it be time for a change in your career path?

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We’re living through an extremely strange time in history. The majority of us, no matter how old we may be, have never lived through a worldwide pandemic before. The rapid spread of coronavirus is a situation that all of us are unfamiliar with, and in which governments and individuals are doing their utmost to get by while saving as many lives as possible. Lockdown measures have been implemented across countries, encouraging all non-key workers to stay home and not go to work. Now, this has given many of us time to reflect on the careers we’re currently in. Often, we don’t get much time to actually think about our work, as we’re either commuting, working, or trying to enjoy our free time around these two regular tasks. Now that many of us have taken a step back from our current roles, we’re beginning to realise that perhaps they’re not ideal for us. Perhaps you don’t earn enough. Maybe there’s no opportunity for progression and you’re stuck in a dead end role. You might not actually be interested in what you’re doing. Your job may have even been making you miserable! If this is the case for you, now could be a good time to start mapping out a new career path. Now, there are seemingly endless different types of jobs you could be doing. So let’s take a moment to look at a few popular options.

Healthcare Roles

Of course, now is a pretty scary time to be working on the frontline of healthcare. But it’s also a rewarding role where you can be saving people’s lives. Many of us have felt inspired by healthcare professionals’ hard work through this period and would like to follow suit ourselves. Now, there are a number of roles within the sector of medicine and healthcare. They can range from jobs like surgeons to x-ray specialists, GPs, nurses, physiotherapists, midwives and more. So, it’s best to look into the specific role you’re interested in and what you’ll have to do to follow that path. Generally, you will be looking at a long period of education and training before you get put to the actual job. This is essential, as all healthcare roles require specific and in-depth knowledge, as they are high responsibility!


If you’re a whizz with numbers, accounting could be a good career for you. But what do accountants actually do? Well, in an accounting role, you will find yourself largely preparing and examining others’ financial records on their behalf. You’ll mostly find that you work for businesses or self-employed individuals – figuring out exactly how much tax they should be paying at the end of each fiscal year. Most will want you to know the ins and outs of different expenses they can claim to minimise this figure. This is a well paying job and there’s almost always demand for it, so there’s a good career at the end of education and accreditation here.


Let’s think outside the box a little here. There are many jobs that many of us have never considered doing, but have roles that need to be filled. Ever fancied yourself as a sailor? Stood behind the wheel of a ship, yacht, boat or other nautical mode of transport? Then why not start training? You could start small with an rya powerboat level 2 course and work your way up to being able to charter and manage much larger boats!

Business Owner

If you’re truly looking for freedom and control over your own career path, why not run your own business? Nowadays, this is easier than ever. The realm of E-Commerce means that all you need to do is have something to sell and set up a high quality website to sell it from. Of course, to really take off, you’ll have to start looking into areas like market research, marketing, advertising and more. But you can learn these things along the way!


Sure, we think of blogging as a pretty personal activity. But how about blogging for a living? If you gather up enough regular readers, companies will pay you for sponsored posts or will pay to advertise on your blog’s headers and side panels. This could be a simple and fun way to earn a significant income!

These are just a few different ideas from a few broad fields of interest and specialism. Whatever career you are considering, now could really be a good time to switch and set up in your new field!

Have you made a change to your career path? Let us know in the comments below.

Career CamelCould it be time for a change in your career path?

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