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Four tips for moving up the ladder at your workplace

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When you begin a new job, the hope is that it can become a long-term career. Even if the job itself isn’t something you particularly enjoy, there is always the chance to move up the corporate chain and take on new responsibilities that you’re better suited for. Moving up the corporate chain isn’t as simple as enjoying the responsibilities of a particular position, though. To help you in your quest to advance, here are four tips for moving up the corporate chain at your workplace.

Understand the structure

To successfully move up the corporate chain, you must first understand the structure of the corporate chain. Since different companies organise themselves in different ways, you need to see the best path for you to follow to advance in your company. Whether you can move up fairly quickly and become a middle manager, or if the power is more consolidated and moving up will require more effort, it’s good to know what you need to do before you embark on a path of advancement.

Develop your talent

In many cases, you may not possess all the skills that are required to advance in your career, at least when you first start at a new company. That’s why talent development is so important as you seek to be noticed above your coworkers. Talent development can help you recognise the skills you possess and then hone those skills so that they can be of use to you as you apply for new positions. Fortunately, the initiative required to develop your talent will likely be noticed by your superiors, resulting in a more clear path to advancement.

Show up

Part of successfully moving up in your company is simply doing well in your current position, rather than preparing for what’s next. Regular attendance is one key facet that your managers will look at if you want to be considered for a promotion. If you make the commitment to be at work every day, even when the going gets tough, it’s likely you will be rewarded for this faithfulness.

Make connections

If you want to give yourself a better chance of moving up at your workplace, you must become memorable to the people who have the opportunity to promote you. That’s why it’s vital that you work hard to make personal connections with your superiors so that you’re not just another name and face when the time comes to make changes in the company. It’s important to go about this process carefully so that it doesn’t seem forced. Therefore, it’s better to take your time than to rush to make connections early on in your career.

When a position becomes available at your company, don’t automatically assume that you’ll get it. If you’ve worked hard, your merits should be enough to stand on their own, meaning you don’t have to get pushy every time you see your supervisor. Even if you get passed over this time, though, don’t give up, and continue to give your very best every day so that you have an even better chance of being promoted next time.

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Anica OaksFour tips for moving up the ladder at your workplace

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