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Why is an events team important at university?

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Events teams usually work for the Students’ Union and are the beating heart of all of your university events, from Freshers’ Week, to Summer Ball, to that plain old Thursday night out at your university dive bar.

University is first and foremost about improving our intellectual abilities; learning from lectures, working in the library and growing from our experiences. However, don’t think that university is just about your studies. It’s about balance, and that of course involves blowing off a lot of steam when work gets too much. That’s where the Events or Ents team comes in.

Ents teams are important for two reasons.

They are like a family

If you start working for your students’ union you will feel a part of something. The team is usually a great crowd of people who enjoy making their university a lot more enjoyable for everyone. They want to make the university bigger and better than the students before them. Ents team staff will be at every event; working, making sure people are safe, and keeping the universities reputation to a high standard.

They want to help

The Ents team will be some of, if not the first student faces you will see on that fateful moving day into your university halls. You will collect your keys from them, and your welcome packs, and they will tell you all of the necessary things you need to know. The Ents team made me feel at ease when I moved to a university 250 miles away from home. They were bubbly, energetic, and had done it themselves not too long before I had. Talk to them, they will tell you the dos and don’ts of university life, and they will know all the best spots for everything! From outdoor activities to the quietest study spaces.

If you like the idea of a career in marketing or events management, get involved with the Ents team and it will hold you in good stead for the future.

Above all, the Ents team want their experiences and yours to be better than any other university. Your university experience should be something you will cherish for years to come after. My time at university certainly feels that way. After all the studying and hard-work, I can also say that I made some friends for life due to some of the events that the Ents team organized. So to my Swansea University Students’ Union – thank you! I’m sure that any of you new university goers will understand what I mean after you have graduated.

How important is the events team at your university? Tell us in the comment box below.

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Niamh OllertonWhy is an events team important at university?

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