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Stand out from the crowd by taking one of these uncommon degree courses

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The purpose of going to university is getting you the qualifications you need to start a career that relates to your passion. But with more and more people going to university and applying for a limited number of jobs, competition is fierce. This can make finding a job very challenging. So to stand out from the crowd, you could consider thinking outside of the box when choosing which subjects to study. If you’re not feeling inspired by the typical subjects and want a more unusual career, take a look at these practical but more uncommon courses.

Wildlife conservation

This course will teach you everything you need to know about preserving wildlife and enhancing natural habitats. With so much emphasis on the effects of global warming and deforestation in the media, this course can give you the know how to make a difference. Conserving the wildlife we have on earth is a huge task but someone’s got to do it. If you love spending time outside, learning about nature and helping animals, this is a course you should definitely consider. After completing your degree, there are a number of roles you could walk into from park rangers to an ecological consultant. People will need you need determining the best course of action to make our world a better place. You can find out more about wildlife conservation careers on this page.

mortuary science


Mortuary Science

As much as many of us don’t like to admit it, death is inevitable. People die every day and someone has to take care and prepare them for funerals and cremations. This is an industry that will always have constant demand throughout the world so you won’t be short of job opportunities. You will learn all about the funeral service process from embalming bodies to directing funeral services. It would be the ideal course for you if you don’t get phased easily and find biological remains and anatomy fascinating.  If this sounds right up your street, you can learn more about Mortuary Science courses on this page.

ethical hacking


Ethical Hacking

As more and more people choose to store information and data online and on their computer, there has been a significant rise in hacking crimes. These are often showcased in the media, particularly when they involve highly successful businesses. If you consider yourself to be a computer whizz,  this is the course for you. You will be taught how to break into servers and online databases and how to remotely control someone’s computer. You can then put this knowledge into building more sufficient security to prevent hacking in future. Companies are constantly looking for new talent to help prevent any thefts caused by hacking. So after acquiring your degree, you should have no trouble finding your dream career.

Hopefully, these courses will have given you food for thought and inspired you to try something different. Research other unusual degree courses to see what other uncommon degree courses are out there. With so many possibilities out there, there’s no limit to what you can do.

Have you been inspired to think about of the box? Let us know in the comments below.


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Career CamelStand out from the crowd by taking one of these uncommon degree courses

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