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Five careers for deep thinkers

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You have spent a lot of time developing your ability to think. While manual labour and other similar jobs are a way of life, they do not represent the types of jobs you envision yourself making a career out of and sticking with for the long term. You have an active mind, and you are not happy unless your intellect is challenged and stimulated on a regular basis. For this reason, you need a job that allows you the opportunity to use your intellectual talents in ways that challenge your ability to think through and solve problems. The following are five careers for deep thinkers which will present the need for you to regularly use your intellect in innovative ways to complete your work.

Software developer

When it comes to using your mind, there are few pursuits like software development that demand a thorough grasp of logical processing and organised thinking skills. To instruct a computer to do what you need it to do takes planning to ensure that you do not run into glitches along the way. Plus, the program has to accomplish the goals you set out to program it to do.

University professor

The world of academia is a great place for deep thinkers to use their skills as an intellectual. Not only is there the challenge of teaching, but university professors have to be able to do research and sometimes introduce never before realised concepts and ideas into the academic realm of thought. With the publish-or-perish philosophy dominating many university institutions, this even puts pressure on deep thinkers to continue to remain on top of their game.

Branding and design

If you have a knack for thinking about images and modelling, then working for a design agency could be a source for endless hours of imaginative thought and intrigue. Figuring out the best way to represent lithography on packaging or to set up display models is critical to the marketing efforts of numerous companies and their products. It is the kind of job that not everyone can do well, because often the designs used in marketing have to fit a theme or campaign in a very specific way.


Another area where a lot of thinking is involved is in the study of economic theory. An economist must be on top of numerous variables that help to drive the direction of a market or an entire economic trend. Using predictive analytics to determine where a market is heading and reporting on your findings is a very demanding intellectual pursuit.

Logician or mathematician

If you like to deal with the raw facts of pure reasoning models, then a career as a logician or mathematician may be the deep-thinking career field you have been looking to join. Logicians and mathematicians must be in the habit of justifying every step of their deep thought process with principles rooted in logical methods. This field is so thought oriented that it can require mental discipline beyond what most career fields would typically need you to exhibit. Plus, logicians and mathematicians often get to grapple with some of life’s most enduring questions and problems in pursuit of a solution.

There are many career paths that require deep thinkers at the helm. If you have a knack for organised thought and like to probe the limits of the mind, then getting a career that allows you to put your mind to the test can be a source of high income as well as being a satisfying career choice. The reward in many of these career fields is that deep thinkers will often get the opportunity to learn something so cutting edge that everyone else around them is not even aware that such ideas even exist.

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Dixie SomersFive careers for deep thinkers

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