Holistic health industry

What it’s like to work in the holistic health industry

Experts agree that the holistic healing job market is expanding rapidly. Western medicine has allowed so many specialised physicians and nurses, that patients are seen as a series of symptoms rather than as a complete individual. On top of that, hospitals have become such a regulated industry that often patients are left to fight for themselves to be seen or heard. This is why people today are gravitating away from western medicine towards healers who offer compassion and warmth to heal their patients.


Compassion is among the most sought-after characteristics of a holistic or spiritual healer. To treat people with warmth and kindness is a must in order to be a holistic healer. Another quality that should be present is open-mindedness. That, along with a good work ethic and natural curiosity will help any holistic healer become successful in their practice.

Career paths

Doctors and nurses go into their careers with the right mindset and many different paths to choose from. However, by the time their degrees are earned, many have succumbed to massive amounts of debt and once they enter the workplace, they are stretched too thin in their duties, and, because of this, they suffer from burnout.

That isn’t the case for holistic healers, who have several paths to choose from. The average salaries of these careers vary, but a satisfied patient and a successful business is a great motivator. When western medicine fails, holistic healing offers another way through acupuncture, yoga, or massage therapy. Any of these career paths are available to anyone who wants to help people without going into debt.

Becoming a holistic healer

Rather than spending years working on a degree and putting all hope of earning a profit aside for roughly a decade, holistic healers can earn their certification in six months. Holistic health certification programs can be found online, and the courses aren’t going to break the bank. Earning your certificate is one thing, but if you want to specialise in a specific area (such as massage therapy), you will want to take extra courses to learn about your chosen specialism.

Holistic healing is a gratifying career for anyone who has a natural curiosity, good work ethic, and, above all, compassion. Before you leap into this career path, make sure you’ve done all the research and consideration to identify if it’s the right job for you, just as you would for any other career path.

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