You didn't know electricians had

Five interesting skills you didn’t know electricians had

In business, it’s important to have a portfolio of skilled professionals you can depend on to take care of the issues that arise from time to time. When it comes to repairing and maintaining your business’s equipment, finding the right people to properly fix and revitalise what’s broken can be a challenge at times, given the number of complex mechanical and electrical systems involved. There are a lot of skills you didn’t know electricians had.

For many repairs, though, an experienced electrician from a company like Circle Electric Inc can be your most valuable asset, as they skillfully navigate and repair the different components that make up the expensive equipment you depend on.

Safety at all times

For electricians, safety is a crucial and fundamental part of everything they do. You won’t find many tradesmen who appreciate the risks inherent in their profession, or go to greater lengths to mitigate those risks, than electricians. Unlike the risks associated with some other mechanically-focused fields, electricity can seriously injure or kill in an instant, with no warning and with no way out. By trusting an electrician with your next repair project, you can ensure that it will be completed with the safety of those who repair the equipment, as well as those will be using the equipment, in mind.

Attention to detail

One aspect of remaining safe on the job that makes electricians such a valuable asset is their attention-to-detail. Electricians have to be absolutely sure about everything they do in every process they’re involved in for the entirety of every job they complete. This acute attention-to-detail ensures that even detailed repairs and tasks in your business will be accurately completed by an electrician. Even complex machinery will be correctly repaired, and you’ll be able to get back up and running more quickly.

Vast understanding

A question that might arise in your mind as you consider unique traits of electricians is “how does that help me, though?” after all, it’s great that an electrician will work safely and accurately, but how would they know about mechanical systems at your business? To answer, consider that electricity doesn’t exist for its own sake. That is, there aren’t any live electrical lines running to nowhere. Electricity is only harnessed to make something else, whether it be a light bulb, a radio, or a conveyor belt, function as it is intended to function.

This means that electrical components are often intricately intertwined among other systems and components, meaning that electricians need to be fairly capable at accurately navigating these other components in order to successfully repair the electronic components. For an experienced electrician, this means they have a deep understanding of many of the mechanical components your business relies on for success. An electrician may not be the #1 expert on a particular mechanical component, but they will know enough to successfully repair it, especially when combined with their expertise on the electrical components in any given system.

The right direction

In addition to having the knowledge necessary to perform many of the repairs required for your business’s equipment, electricians can point you in the right direction to find help if a repair does fall outside of their expertise. Their specialised knowledge of a system’s components separately also gives them insight into how the different components work together to perform their intended function. That said, when they see a problem with a piece of equipment, and it’s not an electrical problem, they can still likely identify the cause of the issue, and have enough knowledge of how to repair it to point you to someone who can successfully repair it, thus saving you time and productivity.

Master educators

The vast knowledge of experienced electricians, combined with their more blue-collar, mechanical sensibilities result in professionals who are uniquely able to distil down complicated concepts into easy-to-understand instructions that can benefit your business. Not that you need to be an expert on the minutiae of each and every piece of equipment you own, but having deeper understanding of what to do in an emergency, how to prevent emergencies, how to properly care for equipment, and how to recognise trouble in a piece of equipment are all important bits of knowledge to have, and an electrician can assist in explaining these concepts to you. Since they understand the ins and outs of how your systems operate, they can explain it in an accurate and easy-to-digest format so that you can keep your people and your equipment operating at peak efficiency at all times.


Given all their knowledge, it’s quite clear that electricians can be trusted. Even when it seems that they may be speaking apart from their expertise, you should still listen to what they have to say, as their knowledge gives them authority to stand on. Utilising the unique and varied skills of an electrician can help you build and maintain your business, as well as minimise disruptions when they do occur.

Do you agree some of these skills are those you didn’t know electricians had? Let us know in the comments below.

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