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Five perfect jobs for social media enthusiasts

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Recently, the world of social media has taken over. People share every moment of their lives via social channels, and we learn about breaking news on Twitter instead of on TV. Although some view these outlets as merely a hobby, many have found flourishing careers in the field. Below are some examples of jobs for social media enthusiasts.

Professional blogger

This job encompasses every aspect of social media. A blog is an online diary that covers any subject, from fashion to world politics. The blogger is responsible for keeping the site running by creating new posts and having interesting links, articles, and images. It allows not only for creativity but also autonomy. Advertisers will pay big bucks to be featured on a well-known blog with faithful followers.

Social media director

This is any social media enthusiast’s dream: you get to control a company’s social media presence, and manage interactions online. You decide what to tweet and when, who to follow, and what pictures to upload. This requires a lot of experience and is truly meant for someone who eats, sleeps, and breathes social media.

Social media analyst

This is a great entry level position in social media. Although there is technology that can monitor social media, a human touch is needed for proper analysis. These analysts monitor all social media outlets for mentions of their company, tracking statistics such as page likes, followers, and views. It is a very fast-paced and time-sensitive job for those who want to know the latest trends and news in the online world.

Content strategist

Strategists work in close quarters with the directors and make up the material that circulates around the media outlets, or the content that will be published and posted on the company‚Äôs sites. They are very logical thinkers, always having a plan in place, and must work to be one step ahead of everyone else. They see the company’s digital context through from start to finish.

Brand ambassador

This is the company representative, responsible for making sure that the product is positively viewed. It requires a mix of both behind the scenes and front line work, as they often serve as the face of the brand. They often hold the responsibility of posting pictures or updates on new products, responding to consumer complaints online, and build a positive online presence for the company and brand.

The world of social media continues to expand, and so do the opportunities for employment. Joining these professionals can lead to great exposure and a lucrative career in a fun, fast-paced world.

Do any of these jobs appeal to you? Let us know in the comments below!

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Dixie SomersFive perfect jobs for social media enthusiasts

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