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Four careers for creative personalities

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It’s definitely possible for you to achieve your childhood dreams if you’re creative. Set realistic goals, stay focused and have fun. Allow yourself to be idealistic by considering careers for creative personalities.


Plenty of artists dream of becoming an animator. This is one reason why it’s one of the most coveted careers. You need exceptional drawing skills, understanding of software programs and a genuine desire to entertain others through artistic expression. Films, television, video games and mobile devices need someone to create storyboards, illustrations and graphics for visual effects. You can be self-employed and work from home or in an office setting. Animators can earn around £57,500 yearly. Consider Film Crew Management Software to manage your schedule, contacts and earnings.


Teachers often need to come up with creative ideas to help different types of people learn. You can teach creative subjects such as art, design or theatre. It can also be satisfying to teach other subjects as well. Knowing yourself is essential to understanding what you truly want in a career. Teachers need to be comfortable speaking in front of a group of people, live by high ethical standards and feel empathy towards vulnerable people. The Bureau of Labour Statistics reports that art teachers earn a median salary of £53,070 yearly.


There are plenty of jobs available for freelance writers. Be a copywriter, blogger or journalist. Creative writers can enjoy a career as an author or poet. Write greeting cards, submit unique stories to magazines or start a business selling calligraphy art. You can volunteer at a nonprofit to gain experience or to inspire others through the written word. Writers earn about £24 an hour, often enjoy a solitary life sitting at a desk and need to be able to generate ideas on a regular basis.

Graphic designer

Graphic designers need skills in technology, communication, time management and typography among others to get the job done. You have the opportunity to use your skills in an intelligent manner. The only drawback for many artists is not being able to be completely original since you have to cater to the clients’ preferences. With hard work, graphic designers can earn up to £65,020 per year.

Being an artist or other creative might mean you’re idealistic, but this is what makes you imaginative. It’s important to be yourself no matter what career you have. For this reason, don’t let anyone change who you are.

Do you have any other ideas of careers for creative personalities? Let us know in the comments below.

Emma SturgisFour careers for creative personalities

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